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My E3 Press Conferences Reactions: Hear Me Whine!

There's a contest, so I'm forced to write one of these things. I KNOW I won't win and about a whole person will see this article and I suck at writing... but oh well, I'm bored. And I warn you: these are my personal opinions, and I have suc...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

This is the sack of crap which sucks and is lame. I mostly use it for internet browsing and occasionally playing random online games like Audition. I also use it for recording video game cutscenes, the reason for the Gamecube you see ther...


FF Contest: Final Fantasy Contest

Final Fantasy Contest By Gamechamp (who is awesome) Our story begins with our hero, the totally awesome Cloud, in a battle to the death with the evil Sehpiroth. However, before they could both explode in a plot device, our other hero, T...


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