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A Time to Destroy: Hiroshima Meets Halo

I love blowing things up. From the time I shot a bottle rocket out of my mouth (and subsequently vomited up soot for five minutes), to leveling an entire city in the horribly enjoyable piece of Xbox trash, Earth Defense Force 2017, I've been captivated by destruction. On instance in my videogaming history stands out above all else.

We all remember storming the beach in the original Halo level, The Silent Cartographer. Needles flying, blocky graphics chugging along, and our pistols sniping enemies from 400 yards out, it was the D-Day of 2002.

While wasting time on the beach, I noticed that frag grenades lying on the ground exploded when another grenade detonated next to them. The gears started turning in my destructive mind. Here was my plan:

While playing co-op, kill all the marines on the beach. When the Pelican drops the Warthog off, park it on the edge of the ocean, and have one player stand near its bumper. The other player shoots him to death, thus dropping the first player's grenades beneath the warthog. When that player respawns, have him pick up the dead marines' grenades and repeat the process until there is a hefty pile of 'nades under the 'hog. All that remains is to toss a single frag beneath the vehicle and watch as the warthog turns into Hiroshima. It flies miles out to sea, never to be seen again. That is, until you restart the level.

-- Ryan "Pizzajam" P.
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