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Discless: Global Agenda

Discless: Global Agenda Strap on your jetpack and grab a gun, because this week, Discless is reviewing Global Agenda. GA, as it is called for short, is a sci-fi MMORPG available for download on PC through Steam. If you don’t know what th...


Wii 2?

Wii 2? The news is out there. Apparently there have been reports that Nintendo is going to unveil a new console this year at E3, with the ultimate goal being to recapture the hardcore gaming market. Now, whether or not these reports tu...


Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 Review The first Crysis had, and still has, a bit of a reputation associated with it. When it was released in 2007, it brought most modern computers to their respective knees with its high level of graphical fidelity, still impr...


Stem Stumper Review

Stem Stumper Review How many times have you played a game with sound as your only guide? Never you say? Well then here’s a new challenge for you from Ananse Productions. If that challenge seems a bit too complex, you can switch the sonar...


The Changelution of Pokémon

The Changelution of Pokémon So I’ve finally managed to crawl out of my self-induced Pokémon coma after beating Black (White? Which version did you have?) a few times and finally playing with a grass starter that is actually worth the eff...


MLB The Show ’11 Review

MLB The Show ’11 Review The smell of barbecues is filling the air as the chilling winter begins to leave the air. It is baseball season again, when every team with a halfway decent budget can find its way into the playoffs. Yeah, Tampa B...


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