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Associated By The Asshats: Why Fanbases Can't Have Nice Things


Good day to you, fellow reader. Have a seat if you aren't doing so already. Today I am going to talk to you about a little something about fanbases. You see, with everything in this world, there are people that have a tendency to follow it for some reason. Whether it informs them, entertains them or astonishes them, people become fanatics about a certain person or a certain subject. And sometimes, fans start to accumulate at rapid rates as time progresses. But whether there's 10 or 10,000 fans that appreciate everything that the "idol" does, there's always something that occurs with these groups that ends up with others becoming less tolerable or disgusted by others who have no part in the group. Why exactly is that? Well, that my friend is not a hard question to answer. Fans themselves destroy their fanbase.

If this occurs as a shock to you, obviously you haven't been immersed in a group of people that have a profound interest for a long time. Which makes me envy you honestly, because when you see a fanbase you're a part of start to self-destruct, you get a very sickening feeling in your gut. Now perhaps you're wondering to yourself how the fans manage to ruin things for everyone else that's involved in the fanbase. Well, there's various ways, but I'm just going to look at the more prominent ones.

The Flamboyant Fans:

There are fans that usually like something in particular and then drop it after a few minutes of talking about it. These sort of fans come across as regular folk and not many really pay too much attention to them. But then you have the flamboyant fans. These are the kind of people that will make no mystery that they like a certain thing. Every action they take is a constant reminder of how huge fans they are. More than half of their conversation consists on talking about the thing that they love most in a positive light.

The main problem about these fans is that they're like that person that talks way too much. You know they're good people and you know it'll seem a little disrespectful to interrupt them while their talking, but you can't just be sitting there listening to them prattle on about it for 2 hours. You need to scream at them so that they'll take the hint. The thing about that is that these fans just seem to move on to someone else and wait for you to become less aggravated so that they may attempt to repeat the process again.

One thing to note about flamboyant fans is that they aren't the worst of the bunch. Sure, they will annoy everyone for a while, but they still have a good spirit. When the average "idol" comes up to meet the fans, they might sense a bit of a disturbance at most when interacting with these fans.

The Nitpicking Fans:

Fans are known to analyze the works of their "idol" a lot. Some just do it to absorb the greatness of the "idol". Others....actually do that as well. But, just picture for a second that both groups are thrown into the future. One of the groups will continue to absorb the greatness of the "idol" (perhaps at a lesser extent. Or greater, who knows?), while the other spends it's time reliving the past works of the "idol" only to find that all he analyzes about the recent works of the "idol" do not live up to it's past. That's the nitpicking fans in a nutshell.

The nitpickers stop at nothing to look over the work of the "idol" as many times as possible just to point out to others the problems of the series. The oddity of these fans is that they consider themselves part of the fanbase, but they spend most of their time moaning about the work rather than appreciating it or praising it. In fact it's rare for one of these sort of fans to actually be pleased by the "idol".

Now there's nothing wrong for fans to revolt against their "idol" if they do something that isn't of their norm. But when these fans try to create arguments, then end up infuriating the "idol" rather than helping them out. It makes the "idol" feel as though they can't do anything to please their fans. Most of the time, the "idol" lashes out at the entire fanbase and locks them out of what could have been. And let's face other people, the nitpicking fans just seem like bratty teen girls that spew out petty gossip. Who cares?

The Really Obsessive Fans:

I know what you're thinking right now. I already went over these sort of fans. Actually I didn't. Flamboyant fans are expressive about their obsession on the outside. The really obsessive fans are expressive about their obsession on the outside and the inside. Or in some cases, just the inside. They take their fandom over to some really really bizarre levels that usually comprise of them blurring the borders of sanity. They're the ones that insert OCs into fetish-fueled fan fictions. They're the ones that have their rooms covered with the work of their "idol". And they're the ones that can't think of anything else but their "idol".

Really obsessive fans are the ones that have very huge problems with their psyche. Because of that, they're subject to being easy targets to people that want to hurt the fanbase. Their reactions are violent and they can be attacked as many times as possible. Not only that, but when you really dig deep into the minds of these fans, you find things that just show how diluted their thoughts have become.

The sad thing about this is that the "idol" may look at them in fear. The fan could want to do unspeakable things to the "idol" and they may not know it. Most of the time "idols" avert any contact with these fans, but these fans are known to be very persistent which makes for various negative emotions to erupt amongst the fanbase.

The Jerkwad Fans:

I'm not sure how frequent these fans come about, but they seem to be rare from my observation. The jerkwad fan is basically one that that thinks that their "idol" is superior to everything. Anyone who dares to question their logic gets immediately crushed by their hand. They like to pick fights with people and don't care if others see their end result as a victory or a loss. The fan will always think that he was the winner.

These fans, albeit rare, are incredibly pesky. They demean other fanbases to make their point of how superior their "idol" is, making for those who are being attacked feel as the works of the "idol" that fan is a part of are atrocious. These fans take a long time to rid of and take an even longer time to fix the trouble they've created and the direction they led people outside of the fanbase.

Most of the time, the "idol" is not aware of the jerkwad fan. But when they are, it just makes them nod their head in shame and continue on with their work. Basically put, these sort of fans end up like a fart. Except they last for a longer time and call people names.

The Correlation and Conclusion

The best way to put is like so. You know how people can do tons and tons of really good things in their lifetime but everyone seems to remember them for that one bad incident? These fans serve as that bad incident. Most of the time, when a fanbase is looked upon, their view is obstructed by the ones that pester them. Whether the other people that look at the fanbase can get rid of the bad fans or not, they still see the fanbase as something idiotic and tend to hate on the group. Now that's not to say others that look at fanbases can't bring up good points about what's wrong with what the fanbase stands for, but they are still heavily affected by those sorts of fans.

The thing that becomes most upsetting is that the fans that are usually more civil and quiet end up becoming targets of slander due to what their brethren have done. And they know that these fans are the ones that get the most attention from everyone else, unless a fan were to do something really humbling to tribute the "idol". Nonetheless, the "idol" ends up encounter more attention from the lesser respectable fans. Depending on the "idol", they might just look over them, joke about them, lock every fan out of what could have been or simply quit doing what they do to end any form of interaction with their fans whatsoever.

I know some of you may consider this as someone pointing out the obvious of errors within a fanbase, but I just wanted to enter a little more deeply and figure out why fanbases end up becoming deformed as time goes on. Hell, from what I've figured out, this can actually fit into other groups of people...not just fanbases. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this blog
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