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Simpsons-ed out... D'oh!

After tackling the Nintendo DS version of The Simpsons Game earlier this week for review purposes, I tried to play the Wii version. I mean... I really, really tried. But the game-- well, the camera, at least-- is broken. There's a lot o...


Generation Last

Despite all of the talk about the Xbox 360 and the PS3, I spent time today playing games like it was 2005... on my PS2. Granted, the games are new-- the latest hockey offerings from EA and 2K Sports, plus Brunswick Pro Bowling-- but thinkin...


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I'm a mid-30s guy who's been gaming since Telstar Pong. I've owned a bunch of consoles in my past, but the roster currently includes a PS2, a DS Lite, a Wii, and a PSone.

I've served tours of duty in gaming retail. I've written for several different websites in the past. I own two world records. I listen to game soundtracks.

When not gaming, I'm a karaoke DJ with a decent singing voice.

That's me, in a nutshell. Welcome to my blog.

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