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What sucks more than GameStop? Gamers.

With the popularity of message boards and blogs, people have found new ways to bitch about pretty much everything... but gaming retail seems to be at the epicenter of the whining. Yes, we all know that GameStop has some less-than-ethical ...


Simpsons-ed out... D'oh!

After tackling the Nintendo DS version of The Simpsons Game earlier this week for review purposes, I tried to play the Wii version. I mean... I really, really tried. But the game-- well, the camera, at least-- is broken. There's a lot o...


Ready to deal with the Halo 3 hellstorm...

Tonight marks my first night back at video game retail in almost two years; it's funny that I can never stay away for too long before being lured back by a store manager who connects with me and basically twists my arm because he wants a kn...


Generation Last

Despite all of the talk about the Xbox 360 and the PS3, I spent time today playing games like it was 2005... on my PS2. Granted, the games are new-- the latest hockey offerings from EA and 2K Sports, plus Brunswick Pro Bowling-- but thinkin...


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I'm a mid-30s guy who's been gaming since Telstar Pong. I've owned a bunch of consoles in my past, but the roster currently includes a PS2, a DS Lite, a Wii, and a PSone.

I've served tours of duty in gaming retail. I've written for several different websites in the past. I own two world records. I listen to game soundtracks.

When not gaming, I'm a karaoke DJ with a decent singing voice.

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