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Splatoon 2 - All Out Civil War.


Well it's time for yet another Splatfest in the world of Splatoon 2, after recently having settled the debate between Orange Juice with and without pulp. If you're not sure what a Splatfest is in these games, then let me elaborate:

A Splatfest is a Global or National competition where you have to pick one side or the other. From there, all online competitive matches will be focused on supporting your side of the argument. This will go on for a short while, usually the span of a weekend, and by the end of it the scores will be drawn. Whoever wins the most points, wins the argument, and then we move on as usual.

So what is the Splatfest this time? What innocent and trivial thing will we be fighting over this month? The theme of the Splatfest this time is going to be...

Squid vs Octopus

Now if you're unfamiliar with Splatoon, that might just sound like yet another random preference fight based on two different animals. Oh no, my friend. It is so much more than that.

You see, Squid and Octopus (or Inkling and Octoling) are the 2 main races in the world of Splatoon.

That's right: an all out Civil War is about to break out in Inkopolis.

What makes this battle so much more relevant and intense, is the recent release of the Octo Expansion. In this new DLC you play as an Octoling, and the story is focused on having the Octolings become accepted into the Inkling's community again, so that they all may live together in peace.

So why have Nintendo suddenly decided to break out a war between the races after peace has been found? I mean, there was literally a massive war between them in the Splatoon lore, which is exactly why we've had to just put the work in to bring them back together.

It is truly going to be an interesting decision to make: one race or the other, what do you choose?

I am genuinely torn between this, because I love both the Inkling Boy and Octoling Girl characters that I use. Do I betray my loyal Inkling, or cast out the newly accepted Octoling.

Oh politics.

Either way, this is definitely going to be a very interesting and intense Splatfest. Even more so when you consider the fact that in the world of Splatoon, whatever side wins the Splatfest becomes legally better than the other. So one race in the game is going to be legally inferior.

This is a very dark battle indeed.

If you have this game and want to take part in the ultimate Splatfest, then look no further than July 20, where this battle will begin and decide the fate of your preferred race. The Splatfest is going to be a Global one, so fight hard and fight strong for what you believe in. What choice have we but to fight.

Have fun Squiddos.

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