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No Man's Sky NEXT Screenshots


So I just wanted to share some of my screenshots from my latest journey in No Man's Sky. So far, I have put about 40 hours into my new 'NEXT' save, and I am nowhere near done with what I want to achieve with the game. Most of my journey thus far has been searching for a good ship, and now I am setting out to find a planet where I can build my base.

In this journey, I am playing as a Gek, who is a Merchant and an Engineer. He looks to learn all he can from the Galactic Trades, and fix up ships to their finest form, along with all exosuit and multitool technology.

I will upload pictures I have taken of my travels, and occasionally write about where I am in the game, and about my journey. 

No Man's Sky's redemtion is something to go down in history, and never to be forgotten. I can't wait to see what they add in the future, and what plans they have!



















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