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No Man's Sky Getting Third Person & Character Customisation


I am one of the few people who genuinely enjoyed No Man's Sky when it came out in 2016, putting about 200 hours into my adventure. The game has seen multiple free updates since it's release, and each has been pretty packed with new content and fixes: we were introduced to the likes of base building and vehicles an the previous sizeable updates such as 'Atlas Rises'.

Now, however, it seems we are on the verge of NMS becoming a whole new game altogether, and finally looks like what people wanted at release; It's time to put aside the bitter feelings and enjoy the game in it's full glory. Yes, they maybe shouldn't have initially given a release date that was so soon for them, but people should also have not given death threats to Sean Murray when the game was delayed. Ah well, let's move on.

The No Man's Sky NEXT update comes out on the 24th July 2018, and will feature a massive overhaul of features and changes. The biggest change that people are most excited for, is of course true multiplayer; this means as of next week, players will be able to explore the endless planets together, taking on quests and bounties, or building a shared base and/or community.

On top of this the trailer also showed more refined gameplay, graphics, and ringed planets; If you want to find me, I'll be surfing those rings until the the Gek get annoyed and kick me out of the system. Changes have been made specifically to the textures, the grass, the clouds, and how the worlds are actually generated themselves, as to avoid consistent 'barren' planets. The game will look a lot nicer after this update, and will no doubt take further use of the PS4 Pro hardware.

The feature I am most excited for however, is Third Person: the game will finally feature an option to play in third person, including both on-foot and ship exploration. This is something I have personally wanted from the game for a very long time, so to see it surface was quite the surprise. Although it could easily seem like such a minor change, making the game third person really gives it a whole new feel; I mean, the trailer looks like Mass Effect or something!

Of course, with third person, comes character customisation: you will be able to alter the way that your character looks, from the colour of your suit down to what race you want to play as. I don't know about you, but those Gek are an awfully tempting choice. Actually NMS, why don't you do me a favour and just straight up add a playable Lombax to the game... that would be sweet.

Everyone that loves the game already will be all over this update, so I can only hope that we will see new and returning fans as well; people will love what the game has come, and regardless of the bumpy start, it's time we move on and learn from the mistakes, just as Hello Games have.

What do you think? Will you be returning to No Man's Sky? Or maybe you never played the game, in which case this will be a great opportunity and experience!

See you in the stars, travellers.

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