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Nintendo Switch Themes & Internet Applications


Nintendo Switch Online is just around the corner, with the service launching this coming September. So, with this, Nintendo should be bringing an array of new features to the Switch owners who subscribe, right? Correct.

We already know that subscribers to the Online service will get Cloud Save-Data, a Netflix-like catalogue of NES games, and of course the ability to play games online. For the price of £17.99 a year (or $19.99 USD), this is a pretty good deal. However, others have not thought so, and are pretty reluctant to pay this price for what they are offering; there are of course monthly prices, but yearly works out cheaper in the end.

Personally, I think having access to Cloud Data and an ever-growing catalogue of NES games is a brilliant deal for this price.  Usually an online service offers the ability to play online, and a couple free games or so every so often, and that is generally with the launch of the console. If you think about the fact that Nintendo has given us online play for free thus far, we're pretty lucky; so with their service being about half the price of the other consoles, we can't really complain. The NES catalogue is the consoles version of 'free games', but also takes the place of the absent Virtual Console service. We know that the catalogue will continue to grow, so we don't have to worry about value for money.

We can all hope that Nintendo will eventually start adding SNES games, GameCube games, Game Boy games, etc. There is no reason why they might not resort to that in the future, so there is that hope. Besides, there are only so many NES games.

What was I talking about?... 

Recently, we have heard from Nintendo that they still have some things to talk about and reveal alongside the Nintendo Switch Online service. Now this could be anything, but fans have their hopes as to what they are.

It could potentially just be the remaining 10 NES games included at launch; it could also be an integrated party and chat system, so we aren't forced to use the Smartphone App.

My hopes are an update for the Switch, adding Themes and Internet Applications. Many, many fans want this from the Switch, and Nintendo initially stated that they wished their console to be focused on purely gaming; however, the demand can be hard to ignore.

First off, Themes are something that nearly every fan wants; even the 3DS consoles have options for Themes and home-menu music. Imagine opening up your Switch with the home menu looking like a Sheikah Slate, while playing some calming Hyrule Field music; or perhaps playing the Mario theme while a little sprite hops across the background over some green pipes.

There you go Nintendo. Two ideas. You're welcome.

I mean, imagine being able to set the background on the home menu to your favourite screenshot. I would definitely have to go with a screenshot from Breath of the Wild or Kingdom: New Lands; absolutely beautiful games!

It would add so many customisation options to the Nintendo Switch; rather than just the obvious cosmetic choices we have so far, such as different coloured joy-cons, or sticker decals for the system and dock.

Similarly, Internet Applications are high in demand; with so much of the world being based online nowadays, it'll only increase popularity to have that ability. Whether people want to look up a walk-through or review, or watch Netflix or YouTube, the option should be there.

As I said, it's hard to ignore demand, and these 2 features are some of the most highly demanded for the Nintendo Switch system. I think it's likely we could see these features popping up, or at least spoken of, by the end of the year.

But maybe that's just another fan lost in wishful thinking.

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