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New DUALSHOCK 4 Controller - 500 Million Limited Edition PS4


Today, 24/08/2018 [UK], Sony have released the new Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Pro. The console is a celebration of an amazing milestone: 500 Million PlayStation consoles have been  sold over the past couple decades. Congratulations Sony! Now if you'd only agree to do some cross-play... but that's a discussion for another time.

As much as I wanted one of these new PS4 Pros, I could not justify buying one. Mainly because I already have a PS4 and a PS4 Pro hooked up in my home, so another would be absurd... and also, they ain't cheap!

The new Limited Editon items include: the PS4 Pro (obviously), the controller, a matching blue PlayStation Camera V.2, and a matching 'Gold' Platinum Headset. That's a lot of stuff! Honestly, I think that the console is easily worth the price for someone who doesn't already have a PS4, or is maybe looking to upgrading to a Pro.

Now while I could not justify getting the console itself, I was recently looking into getting a new DualShock 4... 

Yes, yes. I bought the controller. Don't act so surprised, I'm not.

Honestly though, the controller is very nice! It's a dark, navy blue (like the rest of the '500 Million' items) and has a transluscent effect to it, allowing you to see into the controller and notice all of its little mechanical structures. Cool, I do enjoy seeing those motors go! 

I live an exciting life.

Other than the look of the controller, not much is different; but that's to be expected. It takes after the later models of the DualShock 4 controllers, complete with full bluetooth support, and the light bar on the touchpad. On top of this, what I have noticed is that the thumbsticks seem to have a slightly rougher design to them, for more friction and grip. Just something I noticed... if you're interested. 

I think all of the items have a really unique look and style to them, and really stand out from devices Sony normally releases. Also, there's options: if you want the whole console, or just the controller, or just the headset, then you can get it all seperately.

Check out some of these items and see what you think! And I will say, the controller looks a whole lot nicer in person, especially in direct light!

If you are after the Limited Headset, then you still have a little bit of a wait: the headsets are due for release on the 10th October 2018, and don't seem to be a jump in price above the standard Gold Headset; depending on where you shop of course, I am going off GAME and Amazon UK.

Check them out and see what you think! I really like the controller, more than any other design. Apart from maybe the 20th Anniversary Controller, but I still have yet to obtain one of those.

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