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My First D&D Experience


Recently, a couple of friends and I had finally decided to sit down and try out some D&D. We’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time, and heading into our 20s seemed like a “better late than never” time to get started. I just wanted to talk a little about what our first experience has been, and our ideas for the future.

A fair warning to any hardcore D&D fans out there: our adventures thus far are very much ‘home-brew’ and thrown together, so prepare for an unorganised mess of a start.

So as we sat down with the starter set, we were thinking about how to go about the game, and what we wanted to do. Now let it be said that these two had already played a couple of starter campaigns together, so I was a fish out of water with what I was getting into.

We started, of course, with creating our characters first and foremost: we were a small team of a Huntress, a Wizard, and a bitter Necromancer. Sweet.

Our team is a rag-tag bunch with very little in common. The Huntress seeks only coin and drink, the Necromancer seeks vengeance with the Gods, and my Wizard seeks books and the perfect sandwich. Yup.

We began to think about where we wanted to play our stories, and how much there was to learn about D&D already. This is where it starts to get ‘home-brew’...

We came to the conclusion of playing through our story in Tamriel, the continent from the Elder Scrolls series; hear me out. Me and my friends know the world of the Elder Scrolls very well, so we thought this would be a great starting point for us: not only would it allow us to have refined knowledge of the land and lore, but would also be a lot more fun for our introduction.

We decided to set our adventure just before the Oblivion Crisis, and the DM continues to write extensive scenarios and encounters as we go. It is very much a game where we are figuring it out on the go, and setting some of our own rules to avoid any steep entrances to the activity. Now while I imagine this may boil the blood of some strong D&D fans, of which I can understand, I have to say… we’re having a great time!

We have so much ambition for what we want to do, and where we want to go, and it really paves the way for a great adventure to come. We strive to venture to all Provinces of Tamriel, and see what we find along the way. Our stories are vague and our goals almost non-existent, but we are still very much excited to see what this game will bring.

Sure we will probably one day sit down and learn more about traditional D&D, but for now I am enjoying the adventure through the lands that we are in.

As of right now, we have cleared a cave in the mountains, and travelled into Windhelm while we discussed our next goals. We have begun our quest for whatever it is we’re looking for, and have now arrived at the gates of Winterhold, ready to see the College in all its glory.

I just wanted to ramble on about how this has been for us so far, as entry to such a massive and beloved game like D&D is always such an interesting experience. By all means, I shall sit down and write more detailed stories of our adventures if they are interesting.

Has anyone else got any interesting experiences or stories with D&D, or maybe advice on what we could do on our adventures? I would love to hear!

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