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What was left out of Weekend Distructainment this week: Mother-Hijacking-Ninjas

SPOILER ALERT- I was a long time reader of Dtoid before joining, and that even includes Cblogs. But every week I would always look forward to being Destructained in Weekend Destructainment. Though the series of articles wasnt without flaw, several videos are left out from time to time.

So this is what you guys failed to front page this week. Some of these are old but I've seen older things on WD from time to time.

First up, the genius A.I. from Left 4 Dead 2 preform a daring rescue of their partner in need.

After watching the heroics of the L4D2 Bots, youtube user TheBloodOfGoodman couldnt believe his eyes, and decided to recreate the incident. The end result, and the sound of Rochelle hitting the ground, is actually more funny than the original.

Lastly, another completley insane video from Dayjoborchestra. DJO takes random videos of any sort, usually Star Trek, and dubs over them with precise lip-sinc. Though the end result is more unpredictable than you would expect. 10,000exp if you can make out a story from this strange video.

That's all for this week. I dont plan this to be a series, but it's garunteed that I WILL be there if WD leaves out a good video.
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