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Torchman with his girlfriend (Colourised, 1969)


Finished reading Mockingbird, amazing novel. Decided to read 'The City and the City' next, bring back my love of crime novels while keeping that Sci fi slant. Any more recommendations for great Sci fi novels are much appreciated!


Gamemaniac when he goes for a check up.


Sometimes I like to grab a cup of tea, put my headphones on and watch this. And I think 'The progress in sound continues but what about mankind?'


When you are feeling M O T I V A T E D:


Finished reading The Man Who Fell to Earth. Excellent novel. Favourite line (alien referring to humans): 'There are times when you seem, to us, like apes loose in a museum, carrying knives, slashing the canvases...' Now reading Mockingbird by same author.


I know enjoying video games is for losers but I'm really excited for the PS5. Can't wait to play Demons Souls and Spiderman, almost guaranteed they'll be great. Hoping Sackboy is a hidden gem, Sumo are pretty great Devs. Might even pick up The Pathless!


Happy Birthday Mike, fuck you. (Dabs)


When Stuart Little found the Lord.


I bought a white noise machine and ummmm, not what I expected to hear.


"p.p.s. please if you get a chanse put some flowrs on Algernons grave in thebak yard." Reading Flowers for Algernon during my work break wasn't the best idea. Incredible novel. Terrifying.


Me when people ask what I'm full of.


Bruh, this sieve is mas-sieve.


My cat has gone in for a tooth extraction. Can we get some thoughts and prayers in the chat please? 🙏🙏🙏


When you stub your toe on the way to the fridge for some chocolate milk.


When I wake up every morning and I haven't transformed into Ryan Gosling.


Happy birthday Ravenclaw, you the real MVP. Picture related:


This is the only natural conclusion to 2020. Let the doors to infinity open and welcome the embrace of oblivion with open arms.


My gaming wish for 2021 is that I can finally play a video game that doesn't kill my damn horse for the feels. My heart can't take no more horse death, I swear down. Also, Bloodborne 2: Blood Harder please.


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