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Merry Christmas Actual Charlton Heston! You're the best Charlton Heston!


State some Girl Scout badges that should exist. I'll start: Advanced Knife Fighting.


I got my bonus, so that Steam Deck is bought. It's going to replace my Switch because man, I just kinda don't care about it beyond Nintendo exclusives. And even then, just a few. I'm finally a PC gamer?!


It's amazing what a power rack can do. I went from 45kg squat to 65kg, purely because I don't have to worry about hefting it onto my back and off again. Same with bench press, now 45kg from 35kg. I love this thing! #Gains4Dayz


Congratulations Marzano, it was a great game and well deserved win by Italy. I'm happy we even got to the finals!


My home gym is now (mostly) complete. Need to setup the cables but then, it's swole time. Only took 6 months and a lot of angry emails.


Marzano when England bring it home tomorrow.


For anyone who got into the Yakuza series through Zero and would like some advice on play order, I recommend this. 0, Kiwami 1, Kiwami 2, watch a YouTube video summarising 3, 4 and 5 cause they suck, 6 and Like a Dragon. Can't wait to toss 5 in the trash.


Wow, space is so interesting.


Some tips to beat the heat. Try to reason with the heat. If the heat will not reason, try denying that it is hot. Reality is what you make it. If that still does not work, arch your back and scream blood-curdlingly at the sky. Something may hear you.


This song has consumed my life. It is all I hear, all day, all night. In my waking dreams, I see that place. Yakuza 5. (I would absolutely play a Yakuza-style game with dance battles instead of fights, 100%)


This is the saddest death in anime history. :'(


Germany played a good game but still, you know I gotta do it to 'em. Sorry Zerotonin.


Current fackin' status m8te:


Been playing DN recently and it's so damn good. No spoilers but fully recommend.


Excited to give the Nikka a go. Hibiki is an old favourite. Ice cream goes well with whiskey #LifeHack


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