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I like to push disabled orphans down the stairs for fun. On that note: #AMA.


I've backed a watch on Kickstarter that really caught my eye. Already funded, company look legit. The watch is gorgeous and I love all the complications. It's the micro brands that do really interesting things. Link in comments.




I finished Life is Strange: Before the Storm. The Devs did a very good job of conveying the grief of losing a parent. Doubt, guilt, blame (self or otherwise), so much anger. It was too raw sometimes. Almost couldn't take it. I never want to play it again.


Do we have any wristwatch fans on Dtoid? Just pulled the trigger on a watch I've been wanting for a while, sexy little number. Love the blue/brown strap and the sleek silver watch face.


I'm really looking forward to that gritty Sesame Street remake. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. Leonardo DiCaprio as Big Bird. Stellan Skarsgard as Elmo. Gary Busey as Miss Piggy.


Finished Pokemon Omega Ruby. I gave it my damnest but, by Jebus, Pokemon is a garbage series and this game sucks. I have nothing positive to say. 0/10. Also nearly done with Metro Exodus. I love parts of it but really hate other bits. A weird game. 7/10.


John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum is fucking amazing. Brutal, stylish action, minimalistic story, great characters. 10/10. I really recommend watching it asap. And watch the rest of the John Wick films if you haven't, they're all awesome.




I love the Spyro remakes. They are how I remember the games looking, yet somehow even better. I love the redesigns too. For...reasons.


Water-wheel, why do you moan? For I've troubles, I moan. I fell in love with the lord, That is why I moan. My name is troubled water-wheel, My water flows pure, Thus, as the Lord wishes, For I've troubles, I moan.


Celebrating Father's Day. Hug your daddies my bruhs. Love ya dad.


Stand name: Captain Planet. Stand Master: Za Warudo.


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