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DLC: A Gift or a Marketing Ploy?

DLC (short for downloadable content) serves as an extension to the contentof the game found on the original purchased copy. The most common examples of DLC are multiplayer maps and additional chapters for a game’s campaign, though less sig...


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Hey Destructoid!

I'm Tom, Community & Production manager over at GameZombie.tv! We focus on developer interviews, game previews and original, gaming-themed web series. Check out or site and don't forget to leave feedback. That's how we improve!

Beyond my involvement with GZ, I try to stay as involved with the gaming industry as possible. I read Kotaku, IGN, 1Up, and obviously Destructoid multiple times a day. I listen to each site's podcast and lurk in their forums. The only thing I haven't done well on is actually interacting, so I'm trying to turn that around!

As far as actual gaming goes, I'm all over the place. With the exception of sports simulations, I play everything I can get my hands on. I adore action/adventure, platformers and puzzle games, but as long as I've got a few friends around I'll play anything. I've got a large backlog of Nintendo consoles as well as a PS2 and 360, but lately all I ever do is spend the day wishing I could play Heavy Rain.

When I'm not geeking out, I'm playing guitar/piano, snowboarding, going out, wasting time on YouTube, and playing sports I don't know how to play.