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Zombasite Review: Shambling Along

Zombasite is the latest ARPG from Indie studio Soldak Entertainment. They've been making a name for themselves with dynamic worlds and procedurally generated situations to keep the player guessing. Zombasite is not only their first ear...


The Failings of Game Reviewers

There are many elements that go into successfully selling a video game for a designer to keep track of. However, there is one part that is completely out of their control: Who is reviewing the game? It's time to talk about game reviewe...


When Game Design Goes too Far

Video game development is always about going big with your ideas. Unfortunately, there comes a point when you can go too far with an idea and can create more harm than good. For today’s post, we’re going to talk about the t...


Headlander: A Groovy Trip

Doublefine is a studio known for its quirky settings and gameplay to match. Sometimes we get interesting hits like Psychonauts and Stacked. Other times it can lead to a game being disjointed, such as Brutal Legend and Massive Chalice. ...


Why Video Game Scores are Useless

There are 3 big debates that always seem to come up with video games: Console vs. PC, are games art, and 7-9 review scores. Reviewing games has been a part of the industry since its inception, and everyone has tried to figure out ...


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My name is Josh Bycer and I run the site Game-Wisdom where we examine the art and science of games. We've been going strong for over two years now with daily pieces and weekly podcasts and we are expanding our content with reaching out to other sites and beginning to do livecasting. Check out for posts and podcasts and for a variety of video content.

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