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Bird of Light: Bright Gameplay

Bird of Light by Roach Interactive has had one interesting journey getting here. When I spoke to designer Rahul Sehgal about it, the game was originally pitched as a mobile game. He ran into trouble with finding publishers willing...


Necropolis: Play Dead

Necropolis is the latest game from Harebrained Schemes and one that I’ve been looking forward to. The studio wanted to try its hand at combining the rogue-like and action RPG genre with a unique game. Now that Necropolis is out, ...


Doom: An Old Take on New Design

ID Software has certainly been on the uptake in recent years. After the failures of Doom 3 and Rage to reclaim the shooter throne, they had the surprisingly great Wolfenstein. No one could have predicted that a new Doom would be good, ...


The Room 2: Puzzling Decor

The Room series (not to be confused with the infamous movie) has made a name for themselves on IOS and mobile for being a great puzzle/adventure game and has won numerous awards. Developer Fireproof Games has ported a remastered versio...


The Power Fantasy of Doom

Doom is one of the surprise hits this year and there are a lot of areas that we can talk about. For this post, I’m not going to focus on the game per say, but on our hero: The Doom Marine. The marine is a fascinating character an...


Dying Light: Revived

Techland made waves with Dead Island: An open-world zombie game with RPG and FPS elements. The series garnered praise for an amazing promotional video and unique gameplay. It also had issues of a bad promo for the game and less th...


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