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Old Games I Wish There Were Sequels For

Considering I don't have the latest and greatest systems out there, I sometimes muse about what it would be like if certain games were given sequels, or at the very least updated. I hate to see great storylines, gameplay and general quirkiness go to waste, as I don't really see much that really piques my interest lately (Games such as Bad Company 2, MAG, Modern Warfare 2 all melt together to form "WAR GAME X" in my head, Dante's Inferno and God of War ALMOST do that). FOOTBALL GAME 439 and RACING GAME MXIV don't do it for me, and World of Warcraft...well, let's just say I don't liked being charged recurring enjoyment fees.

Without further ado, I bring you three games that should get sequels (and have a very faint possibility they may)...

#1 Timesplitters

If you've ever had the chance to play any of the series, great. I don't need to tell you how hard the first two games can be, and I also don't need to tell you how much you can actually do in each one. Basically, the game's about time travelers trying to stop a giant war caused by what are known as Timesplitters, these mutant looking creatures that can time travel, cloak, and shoot lightning out of their hands.

The first game involves different characters fighting against the Timesplitters in their own timeline, and can be ridiculously hard. The damage you take and the amount of health that's actually in each level makes for a very, very hard game. The second game involves searching for the source of the Timesplitters' abilities, the time crystals. It follows a guy who looks like a cross between Vin Diesel and The Rock, known as Sergeant Cortez. This too is quite hard, and allows for a co-op mode which lowers the two players' health to compensate for having twice the firepower. The third and final game, Future Perfect, follows Cortez again as he discovers the origins of the Timesplitters. The third by far has the most you can do in any first person shooter I've ever seen.

Between all three games (All of which are available in the third game) you have Story, Story Co-Op, Arcade which has 19 different game types, League (many, many challenges), online play, Challenge (Even more challenges), 150 playable characters with different attributes and a mapmaker. Between the games, I've easily spent over 200 hours playing and replaying everything since I got the game and before at a friend's house.

To top it all off, the game is hilarious. Monkeys, a guy named Hanz, a hippie, meeting yourself over and over, a slut, and the Gingerbread Man are what you can encounter in this game. I can only imagine what a sequel could bring to this series.

#2 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Three words: Creepy as hell. This is THE one game that goes out of its way to screw with your head, not only in-game, but also outside of it.

Let me explain...You're walking down a hallway, you're running out of ammo. As you turn the corner, you see tons of clips laying on the ground. Sweet! Just as you reach the last clip, the screen flashes, and instead, you see four zombies crowded in the room instead. Your character cocks the gun, fires what's left in her pistol, and heads to the next room. When she reaches the next doorway, the screen suddenly turns black, and your Gamecube BSODs. The game gives you just enough time to lean over and almost push the button as the screen flashes again, and you're standing in the same room as you were before.

That's only a couple of things that can happen when you're playing the game. As you play, if your character is terrified, your Sanity Meter™ (Yes, it's trademarked by Nintendo) goes up, and weirder things happen. Your character's head could come off. The game could have a saving error. The room could be dripping blood from the walls. All these things are possible, and while playing in the dark, can start to get pretty freaky if you're getting really into the game.

The storyline is about a girl, Alex Roivas finding a book at her grandfather's estate called the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Each page tells about an encounter with the tome and the horrible, horrible things that happened to them. You play through each story and learn what's going on, why bad things are happening to each person, and what will happen to Alex.

Imagine how great this game could be on a next-gen system. Your rumble automatically going off for no reason. The Wii cursor pointing at your character as she beats her own head in with the baseball bat you just picked up. The game falsely saving multiple copies over your video files you saved on your hard drive. It has the potential to be scarier than Silent Hill.

#3 Brave Fencer Musashi/Samurai Legend Musashi

Not much to say about this game except it was just all-around fun. 3rd person action adventure game where you could take enemy abilities and use it against them. It was difficult, time consuming, and endearing. You play a legendary samurai who acquires the sword that can absorb abilities and are commissioned to stop an evil army. Collect abilities, collect figures, and finish missions. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

I mention this, because it's one of those gems, both the original and its sequel that rarely get referenced, especially for a Squaresoft game. They may not get it right on first/third person shooters (Ahem, looking at you, Mr. Dirge of Cerberus) but they have a wealth of other games like this that are a blast to play (Tobal No. 1, Chocobo's Dungeon, Ehrgeiz, Parasite Eve).

Each of these games would be great with shiny new graphics and an update in mechanics. If they don't receive it, it's really too bad, but I do hope others pick up the originals and enjoy them as much as I have.
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