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Fan-Made P.T. PC Port is In-Development

Does anyone remember P.T.? That playable teaser for the now-canned "Silent Hills"? If you do, you know how absolutely horrifiying it is, but for those who don't quite remember it, that's fine; after all it was taken off the PS Store an...


The Kingdom Hearts Legacy (2010-2018)

Welcome back to "The Kingdom Hearts Legacy" written by yours truly. Last time we left off it was 2009 and we were talking about Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. No, you don't have to glance at your calendar . . . we didn't go back in time . ...


The Kingdom Hearts Legacy (2002-2009)

So, I wrote a feature for GamingBolt a while back and the video affiliated with the feature has recently been released. When I was looking through the comments I realized how many people were talking about Kingdom Hearts, whether it w...


The Sims Legacy

We all know of The Sims franchise, right? It's one of those series that set the standard of what the simulation genre should strive to be. Maxis Software - currently known as EA Maxis - was the developer of the franchise. It was founde...


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