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EA: Why U No Like Nintendo Wii U?

Electronic Arts has been the premiere shareholder in the video game sports market. It might seem like an open world of flourishing developers, but when you really think about it, EA holds licensing for the majority of professional sports. T...


Buying Nintendo Consoles on Day One: Is it Worth it?

After a few years of being scorned with "buyer’s remorse," I still ask myself the same question: Why did I buy Nintendo's latest console on day-one?   I've been a Nintendo fan for years. The NES and SNES were some of my most favorite cons...


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My name is Greg. My gamertag is inappropriate (massivestds--Xbox LIVE/Nintendo). I love everything retro and have been collecting consoles for years. I've blogged on GAMINGtruth and TheDinoBox. Follow me on Twitter @me4uu4me. Oh, hai.