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Voyaging to E3 and Beyond with Kmart

The video game industry does not simply need more voices. It needs new voices. As an adult
and life-long gamer, I love video games for where they have come from, where they are, and I love video
games especially for where they are going. I want to play a part in the maturation and vision that will
lead video games beyond the perception of being big kid toys into the strongest medium for story-telling

I could give you my life-long story of how video games were introduced into my life at a young
age, and how certain titles affected me or played a part in my life. However, I likely share a similar story with many other gamers. My story is no more or less valid than any of theirs. My enthusiasms for Super Mario Brothers, Tecmo Bowl, Oddworld, Silent Hill, ICO, Mass Effect, etc. are kindred with thousands of other gamers.

What I want to provide in my entry into the K-Mart E3 contest [ http://www.mykmart.com/mykmart_blog/KmartGamer-bloggers-e3-2011 ] is more about what I believe I can offer the gaming industry. I believe John F. Kennedy said it best when he posited, ďask not what your video games can do for you, but what you can do for your video games.Ē (or was that Taft?)

I do not dare to presume that I am Godís gift to gaming, but I know what I can accomplish with
my passions and skills. I am able to communicate ideas well. My inquisitive and easy-going nature is
helpful when meeting new people. I am a student of life and love experiencing the vast world we live
in. Yet the more I know, the more I realize that I donít know. This is why this opportunity would be such
a giant stepping stone for my life and career. The wealth of information at E3 would be an invaluable
learning experience for my progress into the video game industry.

I believe in the power of story-telling, and I believe that video games are just beginning to tap
into that power. I am passionate not only for the story, but the story-telling process, the presentation,
the sound, music, and overall significance of any game for the industry. There are some examples of
amazing stories in games, but we have yet to see a work on par with Tolstoy, Dickens, Dostoevsky,
or even Scorcese or Hitchcock. I believe that there is an inherent quality in video games that cannot
be offered in any other medium. We need to value interactive story-telling as the most unique and
paramount quality that games can offer. The interactivity of games could provide empathy or insight
into a character that is impossible in any other medium. I read classic and modern literature. I am
currently studying film and screenwriting. I love these devices of story-telling, but video games hold the
most potential to place us into other peopleís shoes and let us feel and think in a way that we didnít
before. Video games are just now touching that tip of an unexplored iceberg.

If I were to attend E3, I would personally be most thrilled to see games like Deus Ex: Human
Revolution, The Last Guardian, Journey, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Mass Effect 3. As cool as it would
be to talk with many of the developers about their games, I would be even more excited just to see all
of the cogs in motion. My mind would be on overdrive trying to process every last bit of information I
would see and hear (and probably smell - yikes).

I have interviewed Daniel H. for my podcast and had involvement over Twitter and the K-Mart blog.
It was very fortuitous that we came in contact, and he has given me some great insight into the
thought process and execution of the work he has been doing. The social interaction going on at K-Mart
is completely unique from any other retailer that I know. This opportunity to bring some little guys to E3
could literally change someoneís life. This could be the catalyst that launches me from having potential
into having credibility.

Through my podcast, articles, and blog I invite thoughtful dialogue and disagreement that is
respectful and mature. I raise topics that I feel can serve the advancement of the medium. Sometimes
this means talking directly about problems in the video game culture or combating unfair opinions
about video games from non-gamers. The topics on my podcast vary from video games links to behavior
problems, highlighting positives of artists in the business, or sometimes just testing our obscure video
game knowledge. The discussion is always fun, respectful, and mature. I encourage lively disagreements, but I will always try to fully understand an opposing view before I argue against it. I am not afraid to state my opinion and be the brunt of disdain, as long as I can articulate my view with evidence and support.

The video game industry is now at a point of maturity where the successes of Heavy Rain, Red
Dead Redemption, and Mass Effect prove that there is a desire for a deep story to be at the heart of a
gaming experience. I have travelled the globe and volunteered in third world countries. This has helped
me gain a perspective of the world that a lot of gamers may be missing. Yet I am a true gamer since
my youth (home consoles being my main experience). I am able to put games into a broader context
than most of the other game writing that I have seen, while still always accepting a game on its own
merits and qualities. The non-gaming world needs to be able to dialogue about their contentions with
more gamers that can understand their perspective. I believe I can do this and address any hot issues as someone that fairly represents the gamer community.

Video games are ultimately a form of entertainment. We play them to escape and enjoy
ourselves. We debate them while laughing over a drink. It is a joy to have this luxury, but we canít miss
this opportunity to make sure the full potential is not left behind. Books, films, plays, and music
are also forms of entertainment, and they each contain the strength to impact a personís life. Video
games have accomplished this in part at times, but not yet on the same emotional or cultural level.

I offer my passion, skill, life-experience, and love of learning that could be beneficial to the
industry. Video games will continue to grow, but I also want them to mature. There is so much more
that we can pursue with interactivity, and I want to play any part I can to direct it towards being used as
a powerful canvas for story-telling.

This is why I want to go to E3. I long to learn more about how the game industry works and find
the role that I can play in it. It is easy to sit on the side and speculate about video games, but to get a
glimpse of that world with K-Mart at E3 would be life- and game-changing.[img]
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