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Mediocrity shouldn't be rewarded

After reading Jim Sterling's review of Deadpool and watching Rev3's video review, I've noticed a trend that I assume would continue if I keep reading more reviews. "The action won't blow anyone away, but it gets the job done." What does that even mean? Videogames are supposed to be entertainment, right? When I hear "gets the job done" all I can assume is that "it isn't broke, but it's also pretty boring." Being mechanically stable shouldn't be good quality. It shouldn't even be a quality. If the first thought that comes to mind when playing a game to review is "It isn't broken." that's a good sign that you've lowered your standards to a degree I hope I'll never achieve.

What amazes me even more is that Deadpool got a seven out of ten from Jim Sterling. Come on, man. You've played Ninja Gaiden. You've played Devil May Cry. You know what a good hack and slash feels like, and plays like. The designers of Deadpool clearly weren't trying too hard. They went for the passing grade and we all know it. And yeah, a seventy percent is the passing grade, but Destructoid doesn't think of five out of ten games as "failures" so clearly something needs changing. 

Do Not however assume that I want the score changed. That's what entitled idiots want. Besides, nobody cared about this game anyway.

What I do want is for videogame critics to stop rewarding mediocrity and thinking that being stable is good enough for a seven. Jim, if you bought an Alien toy with one finger broken off, would you think "Well, it's mostly here. I guess a four out of ten would be a good rating." ?(lets pretend you review toys) I don't think you would. I think you would feel pretty appalled that someone would charge full price for a broken product. Shouldn't we feel the same way with games? There is no reason that Deadpool couldn't play like Devil May Cry. They just didn't care. They didn't want to make a good game, just a game.

(By the way, for anyone planning on telling me that "It's about the writing, man!" I haven't seen a ton of this game, but from what I've seen and heard, the writing isn't good enough to bump a score up two points.)
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