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Who sleeps with full-size cactus next to their bed?


Hurricane Ian to people in Florida right now. Stay safe everybody!


They weren't kidding about the frequency of tricolor battles. I played for about two hours today and it only came up twice as team gear. Everybody complained about defending last time, but it seemed very one-sided towards defense to me. Is it the map?


If you guys want something exciting with incredible animation that's not depressing, check out my favorite anime film: Redline.


I finished Cyberpunk Edgerunners and enjoyed it. Not my favorite Trigger anime,though, because body modification makes me super uncomfortable in general and it was basically the entire focus.


This is the most badass combination of titles imaginable.


I'd like to thank whoever came up the the area 6 boss of Splatoon 3. That really took me back and I had a good laugh. Now I'm convinced the character was created just for that reference.


My birthday is today, and it's like the gloomiest day of the year.


Great day for box art.


Taion had a core crystal the whole time!?


Nintendo: LOL you wanted more boards for Mario Party Superstars? How about you just play the original games instead, you idiot?


Reminder about the Nintendo Direct: Winter includes Q1 2023 through March!


It turns out all Splatoon 2 players got dumped into B- rank. My highest was ACTUALLY B-, so I was fooled into thinking it carried over. Explains why I keep getting destroyed. Gonna hold off on ranked till X Battle is added and those people clear out.


It seems old battle music occasionally plays in the Splatoon 3 lobby. Heard this one today! I wonder how many more there are.


The biggest surprise of Splatoon 3 so far is that Harmony's voice is naturally bit crushed. Also, here is my friend code for people who want: SW-5838-3801-8006


I went to THREE different Best Buys. Not only didn't they have a copy of Splatoon 3 to sell me, they didn't have much of anything at all. Pickup only. Luckily, there was a Target next to the last Best Buy and they sold it no problem.


It was nice while it lasted, but Amazon has failed me. After two games in a row they shipped early and delivered on release day even though I didn't pay for that, they broke the streak with Splatoon 3. Gonna just drive to Best Buy tomorrow and buy one.


Finished the first world of Hell Pie and I'm having a great time! It reminds me of those off-the-wall 3D platformers of the 5th generation, when nobody knew how they worked so they used a bunch of crazy ideas to make them stand out.




Have you guys ever heard Ironmouse sing? Probably would have been on Broadway if not for her medical condition.


Shoutout to Earthly and growl. We kicked ass together! Tally... you did your best.


I don't know if it's a bug or intentional, but the Splat Dualies are allowing for infinite dodge rolls until you run out of ink. Enjoy it while you can because I'm sure they'll remove it!


Went to the asian market to get some of those fresh meat buns and they didn’t have any. That’s the only lunch plan I had so I settled for a “sausage bun” instead which is just a giant pig in a blanket. On the plus side, I did get Vegeta soda.


Took a look at the Splatoon 3 hub. The variety of loadouts in the demo alone is crazy. With the number of weapons, subs, and specials it truly will be chaos.


Yep, Whisper is definitely one of my favorite Sonic characters now.


Started reading the Sonic comic. I like Whisper a lot. She looks like she's in constant pain and I find that relatable.


The upcoming Batman animated series, the Gumball movie, and a couple of Looney Tunes features that are in production are now being sold to other networks and will no longer stream on HBO Max. The new business strategy is "watch someone else"???


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