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20 Years of Toonami

March 17, 1997: Toonami was born and the revolution was televised. Yes, it's Toonami’s 20th anniversary! It’s hard not to understate how important Toonami was for anime in the West. Who knows where anime would be toda...


Who am I?

The other day mullon wrote a blog that I said was one of the most relatable things I've ever read. So I suppose now the time has come to reveal myself. By which I mean tell my history. Obviously. There's no kids around here, ...


Comments of the Web

So I was going through my pictures folder the other day looking for a particular screencap when I realized I've capped a lot of awesome comments from around the web over the years. In this one-time special inspired by Dreamweaver and h...


20 for 20: My Favorite Pokemon

It wasn't easy picking my top 20 Pokemon, you know. I could have made an entire list out of generation two Pokemon alone! In the end, I three main factors determined my picks: 1. Nostalgia 2. Design 3. Usage I added a few Pokemon on th...


About Fuzungaone of us since 1:41 PM on 07.28.2010

I blogged about video games for over 13 years at Installation 04, in case you're interested in reading over a decade of posts about games and other miscellaneous things. These days I'm focusing on my fiction, which is what I got a college degree for. Sometimes I blog about cartoons.

Speaking of cartoons, I watch them almost exclusively, with some anime thrown in for good measure. Current favorites: Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, Samurai Jack, and RWBY. As for games, I'll play just about anything. My first consoles were an N64 and a Gameboy Pocket. If you see the fire breathing bear around the web, it's me. I'm a goofy goober.

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