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Thoughts of Futuris7

With enough Bawls and Doritos in my system to give even the most hardcore motherfucker a stomach ache, I present to you what all the willy nilly is going on with me. First meal of the night, Manhunt 2. Rockstar's newest tour de force of a...


Ahhhhh it's time to relax.

So we all had a rough week I bet. The news of EA absorbing two more companies was like a wet dream out of hell, Brawl gets pushed back... And this man is still alive Cheer up though because I'm gonna have a relaxing weekend for once. I p...


Soldier of Value?

What the...? Who the....? http://kotaku.com/gaming/clips/solider-of-fortune-payback-306802.php I have never in my short and pathetic life witnessed such an inappropriate use of music associated with video. For Christ's sake even if they ...


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I enjoy swearing, games, gratuitous violence, violent and crazy music, medication and energy drinks. So yup.