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"Multiplayer Online Battle Arena has only one rule if your team wants to win, Charge towards the enemy with your lv 25 Spears, staffs and a Teleportation scroll for just in case."


If you are new to this genre of gaming, Then prepare to die a lot...a lot, That's right, This genre treats newbies more harshly than dark souls.The only difference is, In dark souls, When AI kills you, It's not gonna say something like "You should change your name to Sean Bean" but in team speaker that's how you start a session.

MOBA games are crafted specifically for intense, ultra-competitive team fights for E-Sports players and for people who wanna become an E-Sports Player or for the people who just saw the wallpapers on google and thought that was cool.These game always maintains a solid balance between skill-based combat and Teamwork Tactics.

The first thing I noticed when I jumped into Battlerite on my friend's computer was that FPS was steady at 30-35 fps, which were a lot for a computer with a 2nd Generation i3 with a 4GB DDR3 Ram and a $50 graphics card from 2012.Happy that the computer still can handle a game from 2018. Sadly, It's the only modern game that the computer can handle.

Battlerite is the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions.Bloodrite carries what made bloodline champion great and adds a lot of improvements like Faster-paced gameplay, Smaller hit-boxes, Differents of maps.It's Less Complicated than the BLC so new players can get into the game without uninstalling in 15 minutes because they got their ass handed to them by some guy called "CptinVodka".

To be fair, In bloodline champion, every character had more skills than they do in battlerite but no amount of skills can make your character movements fast so the gamble of taking it out was worth it!


                                                              Tutorials to get you started


By cutting out the extras, focusing only on the team fighting makes each battle feels like a fight in Thunderdome rather than waiting to get your driving license.

Battles are played in rounds that are on a two-minute timer, The first team to grabs three wins is the WINNER! Don't worry they are not gonna show you “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” screen.If times hits zero and players from both teams are alive then you have to fight the remaining survivors in a shrunken area for the win.If both of team members are dead before the timer hits zero then that match would be a draw with no f***** point given!

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- How high you gotta be to jump so high to make people go that guy is so high

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