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A message to Destructoid

Yes, I am doing it wrong. Yesterday my shitty blog got 91 fucking comments. Usually you have to have breasts to get that many comments. While I got 91 comments, most deserving blogs got less than 20, as they usually do. No wonder so many ...


A Furrys five fave games

I promised you guys I would have a game blog later, and im no lier! I present to yyou my top 5 favorite games ever. 5. Star Fox 64 Star Fox is obviously a classic, but Star Fox 64 is soooo much the best game of the series. Foxes, Wolfs,...


God, you tease!

You say I suck, and I know I do, you're just mad it's not you! Well, hi Destructoid, I am a long time lurker, first time writer! My good friend Neonie reccomended that I come hear, as this is supposably an awesome comunity! First and foremo...


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