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A shmup that uses the balance board?

Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4j5anbj0z4 it uses this: Its called Horizon Riders... and while it invokes thoughts of these guys: the characters are more like: but its promising because its the same team thats ...



thought you all might enjoy this, to commemorate the announcement of nintendo next gen console and one of the most underrated movies in the comedy/kung fu genre


Project Natal FPS's...

I dunno about everyone else but I know that Im ready! No peripherals? I have to give voicecommands I mean if anything it could have been a hoax, consisting of pre recorded voice comands I really hope this isnt the future of games..... whe...


The start of a real affair: Sonic the hedgehog

Hear me now people, I love Mario and Nintendo with the same inexplicable fervor that I love fried chicken and the female reproductive system, so what I'm about to tell you is as much of an affair as you can possibly quantify it as.<br /&...


Aint doin shit? Do the R.O.B.!!!!!!

Dont like ROB's inclusion in Brawl? never heard of ROB? Never had a ROB? Dont realize he was the messiah of video games after the dreaded E.T. Armageddon? well fuck you :) He's got a DANCE :D How high ARE those guys?


How epic is my celebration?

So I figure that super mario galaxy dwarfs everything else released on the wii thus far, perhaps even on any other home console.... after waiting all week playing phone tag with Toy'R' Us of all places, (being the cheap bastard that I am I ...


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