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Secret Nudie Code in Obscure,1993 Naughty Dog Sega Genesis Game: Rings of Power.

While it's not exactly "Hot-Coffee, there was a little bit of interesting videogame trivia that many people don't know about...

Before they became famous for Crash Bandicoot and more recently, Jax, Naughty Dog developed an obscure Sega Genesis game called Rings of Power. It was an old strategy game that was for all intents and purposes, forgotten within the video game community. But there is one interesting bit hidden within the game. Normally, when you start up the game, you will see this right before the games title screen.

But, if you put in this code by holding down these buttons while powering up your Genesis....

"To get an alternate Naughty Dog Games logo during the opening splash sequence, before you turn on you Genesis hold down A + B + C + Down-Right + Start on the second controller, then turn your power on."

You will get this Naughty Dog logo screen instead....

A couple of quick points: 1) I wonder what kind of furor this type of hidden nudity would have caused if people actually gave enough of a damn about Rings of Power to actually sell any copies. 2) There is something to say about the golden age of gaming before gaming became mainstream. Back when developers could actually pull this stuff off without all the parent organizations going nuts.
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