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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Trading Forum & Final Fantasy X-2 Edition!

Howdy folks! Itís time for yet another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! Hopefully you all had a good Christmas and New Year and such! I usually donít do New Year Resolutions or the like, but Iím going to try to update this series more often and such, as this is basically a mid-November to before Christmas haul. With that said, in this edition we have a pretty BIG trade from the Trading Forums, a dozen or so games picked up in November, some mega awesome Final Fantasy X-2 loving, and some pretty bitchiní swag! On with the show!

So, in regards to the Trading Forum and such, I had a pretty big trade with Wedge. After a minor hiccup and all, everything worked out and well, both of us seem to be pretty happy with our trades. In terms of what I got, this Kirby Super Star and Boktai are for possumwrangler, since heís my partner in crime when it comes to collecting, and itís easier for him to ďtradeĒ through me.

Continuing on with my trade with Wedge, we have Silent Bomber, Scurge: Hive on DS, Alundra, Valkyrie Profile, and Xenogears! Sweet ass PlayStation haul? Hells yeah! A nice shiny Working Designs game, one of the rarest and most expensive PS games in Valkyrie Profile, and the ever-so-good Xenogears (finally a proper complete copy), so awesome!

CUBIVORE! This was probably my most coveted Atlus game for the longest time, especially since I followed the game before it was even released and then I swear it never came to Canada! Iím so happy to finally have it! We also have the Special Edition of .hack//G.U. vol. 1//Rebirth, which has a figure and bonus DVD in it. We also canít forget the Bomberman temporary tattoos! So much win!

In this picture we have an in box ASCII Stick Super L5 for the Super Nintendo/Famicon, a Brothers in Arms: Hellís Highway Figure that came with that gameís Limited Edition, a Gold Nintendo 64 Controller from a Nintendo Power promotion, and 1 of 3,000 Project Majestic Mix: A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu (Silver Edition) Soundtracks! This was ALL from ONE trade on the Trading Forums! As Iíve stated in my thread there, if you have something I want, I WILL go out of my way to see if I can get what you want for it! Now, some of you may be asking what exactly did I trade to get this EPIC haul, and well, if you go to Wedgeís trading thread, youíll find something pretty ďbigĒ thatís italicized that has been traded for! ^_^

Now weíre onto the stuff from my local watering hole of Cash Converters. They were pretty sweet to me during November and such and here we have Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and DK Jungle Climber for DS, while I managed to also get Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Double Dragon II, Game & Watch Gallery 3, and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for the GameBoy and GameBoy Color.

Iím usually not a fan of racing games and such; but I totally grew up playing Top Gear 2 on the SNES with my brother and it totally hasnít aged a day if you ask me. I also guess Fatal Fury doesnít hurt either, along with an in box T2: The Arcade Game. I love how the Genesis game is literally called 6-Pak, which has a pretty damn sweet compilation of games in it, and I also found a Pokťmon Channel as well, but it unfortunately didnít have the e-Reader cards in it . . . =(

For my PlayStation game haul, I got me some Rayman Rush, Monster Rancher Battle Card: Episode II, and Bust-A-Move 4. How could you possibly say no to Bub and Bob? =D For the PSP (seriously, the PSPGo is a fucking retarded failure), we have Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Metal Slug Anthology, and Wild ARMs XF. Also, does anyone know why like half the ďWild ArmsĒ games have the ďArmsĒ all capitalized and the other half donít?

Just a little bit of win in this picture. I owe it to my Cash Converter buddies of Diamond Dave and James for a number of these. We have Wild Arms 4, freaking Suikoden, and Wild Arms Alter Code: F in the top row. In the bottom one, we got PaRappa the Rapper 2, Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers (hey . . . shut up! =P), and Romancing SaGa! Thanks dudes! d(Ď-Ďd)

Ending off my haul from the greatest video game buying place ever, we have the Pre-Order Edition of Prince of Persia, as well as a sealed copy of the Special Edition of Viva PiŮata!

Goozex once again provides a good medium for collecting some hard-to-find games. I have Neo Contra, an immaculate condition Space Griffon VF-9 (Atlus game), Star Ocean: Second Evolution, an in box Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, and a very nice NIS game by the name of Spectral Souls.

Once again, [url= http://rosenqueen.com/home.php]RosenQueen[/b] provides video game collectors with incredible bonuses and such. This here is the Premium Box version of Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island, which is more alchemist based than the previous Atelier games. It also comes with 2 figures as well, so you really canít go wrong.

Now begins some games I picked up from various shops like EB Games, Best Buy, eBay, and a local rare game shop. Here is a triple dose of some Atlus loviní, in the form of Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble, Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirts, and 101-in-1 Party Megamix. Thereís also Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors and a complete version of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Collectorís Edition).

There are too many goddamn good/collectable DS games. Itís getting pretty ridiculous. So, funny story about Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Iím a big Kingdom Hearts fan, and bought it originally on its release date, but didnít open it for a couple weeks, hoping my EB Games would get a couple American versions that came with the slipcover, but alas, they never did. So, I returned that game and ordered it from eBay so I could get a copy with the glorious slipcover . . . pretty sad and pathetic eh? Hahaha! We also have Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, which Iím thinking about playing, and the thereís Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I just played BOTH Professor Layton games, and HOLY HELL are they fun/awesome! I also somehow got a copy of Blue Dragon Plus that has a slipcover, of which I failed to showoff in my picture, Harvest Moon DS Cute, and Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands.

Finding cheap before Christmas sales is freaking awesome, as I managed to snag sealed copies of Klonoa and The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return for cheap. I also managed to pretty much get a hell of a deal on Castlevania Dracula X from an overpriced retro game store, which made me feel good as I they severely undervalued it.

Ummm . . . itís a Special Edition . . . and uhhh . . . it has freaking working night vision goggles . . . are any of you guys really surprised? Hahaha! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition folks!

Yeah . . . no surprised here either. The Master Assassinís Edition of Assassinís Creed II. The Ezio statue is pretty balliní and so is the art book.

So, some of you know that Iím quite the fan of Final Fantasy X and X-2. So, however many years ago when I heard about the sequel and the cool gun controllers, I knew that one day I had to have them. Well, that day has come and passed! Here I have the even more limited run version of the Final Fantasy X-2 Tiny Bee Controller. The normal run of these gun controllers is housed in a red box for Final Fantasy X-2, and I managed to snag (with a LOT of help from fellow Dtoider Zoel) the even more limited version with the Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission box.

Here is the back of the box. Itís hard to tell in these pictures, but the box is like the size of like a launch PS3 box. In other words, itís pretty damn huge. On another note, does HORI ever make like a ďbadĒ item?

Low and behold! Yet another highly collectable thing for me to cherish and display. The wires and such are all under the little stand and these things are just hella cool! Now if only they released something that Auron used . . . =3

Here we have a Halo 3: ODST Promotional Sign that was used as a banner and such to promote the game. Still donít own it yet and not an overly big Halo fan, but itís still pretty cool eh?

Swag time! As per my massive hoarding abilities, I have for your viewing pleasure a Tinker Bell PEZ Dispenser, Nostalgia Advertisement Card, Saw VI Movie Voucher, Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Keychain, Squeeballs Party Plushie, Tales 10th Anniversary Soundtrack Vol. 2 (for registering the Special Edition of Tales of Vesperia), Link Bookmark, and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Soundtrack.

So, Square Enix has membership points and such much like Club Nintendo. Itís still up in the air for me, as to which one is better, as both still have very big flaws, but still, I got some pretty cool stuff for being a Bronze Member. I got a Square Enix E3 2009 Brochure, Dissidia: Final Fantasy Cosmos/Chaos double-sided fan, and Postcards of each side as well.

Hmmm, I have Left 4 Dead 2 In-Game Baseball Bat Promo Codes for both the Xbox 360 and the PC, which Iíll use once I get the game. Thereís also the Star Wars The Clone Wars Ė A Galaxy Divided DVD, a couple of Assassinís Creed II Palazzo Medici Promo Codes for each console, and a C.O.P. The Recruit Exclusive Missions Promo Code. Iím tempted to just stop collecting promo codes are those are pretty lame preorder bonuses.

So, that overpriced retro game store isnít lame for everything I guess, as I managed to get Squaresoftís (yes, SquareSOFT, so you know itís a bit dated) E3 2000 Game Promos from them. The 4 ďcardsĒ came in a Squaresoft semi-clear envelope, which alone was pretty cool. As you can see, itís advertising some dated games and you can tell its age as itís showing how Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within still wasnít released, the PlayStation game Final Fantasy Chronicles is still being advertised, as is Final Fantasy X, and Kingdom Hearts still had itís ďold schoolĒ font advertising it.

Not a Tekken fan, but they have some pretty cool promo swag. I got myself a t-shirt and a Limited Edition Premium Gift 2009 Ė 2010 Calendar.

Um, Call of Duty made by Infinity Ward? Hell yeah! This here be the Prestige Edition of the guide, which is all glossy and shiny, and has a whiteboard marker erasable map of all the multiplayer maps. Thereís also the generic t-shirt as well.

Here be an awesome poster of Modern Warfare 2! Nothing too special, but still pretty cool nonetheless, since it seemed like there werenít too many of these kicking about.

So, if you guys followed the main site and all, then you may have seen how there was a promotion by SouthPeak, where if you preordered Dementium II, and took a picture of the receipt and emailed them, you could get a signed poster of the game. Well, I did that and here is the result of my ďhardĒ work. As you can see in the bottom corners, the poster has been signed by Jools Watsham and Gregg Hargrove! Pretty cool promotion and such if you ask me! If someone from SouthPeak reads this, thanks guys! Keep up the good work! Make another Ninjatown! ^_^

So, yet ends another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul. As Iíve said, I REALLY do plan on trying to update this more often, as I have at least probably another 2 editions that I need to get out as soon as possible. One involves a pretty big trade with Wry Guy and some miscellaneous games and such. The other involves receiving my Destructoid Secret Santa, as well as a bunch of stuff from JoeCamNet. Until next time folks, have a good one!
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