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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - PAX 2010 Edition!

Well . . . it’s been quite a while since the last A Compulsive Collector’s Haul, and I’ve gotten quite a crapload of stuff over the past few months. I’m backlogged like a mother again, since I’m just starting this one off with the stuff I got from PAX 2010, which means I have a lot of games, consoles, and swag for the next few editions. Regardless, for those of you who unfortunately couldn’t make PAX, here’s some of the stuff you could’ve gotten your grubby hands on if you went, which I highly suggest you do next year! On with the show!

Here we have one of the sickest t-shirts ever! With the help of the guys from TopWare Interactive, I managed to get in early to see the show floor and checked out the Capcom booth. There, I answers some Okami trivia and got one of these Okamiden Howling Wolves Comic-Con T-Shirt they had left over from San Diego Comic-Con. For those of you who don’t get it, it’s a play on the “typical” trucker shirt of wolves howling at a moon. So awesome! ^_^ Also, for those of you who have been on the site for a while . . . did you know that I, yes ME, yes ONLY THIS GUY was the one who totally wrote the plot for Okamiden and that NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD knows more about Okami than me, and that my whole world revolves around Okami and absolutely nothing else . . . yeah . . . I’m awesome like that . . . =D

It’s MAHVAL BAYBEE! So, here is a Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Comic-Con 2010 Limited Edition T-Shirt I got for winning two rounds of the game at the tourney section of the Capcom booth. It’s one of my most anticipated games of 2011, so be sure to hit me up when it’s out for a match. The front and back of the shirt have comic panels of the characters fighting each other. On the back of the shirt it says “… and who the heck are these guys?” and one of them is the already announced Dormammu, but I have no idea who the other guy is . . . any ideas?

Here are a couple shirts from the Besthesda booth, where they had the genius idea of just getting people to line up and just hand stuff out periodically, instead of forcing people to play games, etc., hahaha. First up, we have a “tribal-like” design on a t-shirt for Hunter: The Demon’s Forge, followed by a newer shirt for Brink, compared to last year’s simple title t-shirt.

I have to keep reinforcing this, especially since I got to play it for like 15 minutes at PAX, but Two Worlds II is looking and playing REALLY good! With that out of the way, they actually had 3 t-shirts for the game over the 3 days, but I unfortunately waited too long and missed out on the Sunday t-shirt, which made me a sad panda . . . T_T Still, the first day was the “Sorda-Hung” slogan . . . hahaha . . . so immaturely awesome! ^_^ Followed by the “Yeah, I Like To Kill!” t-shirt on day 2, which is a quote from the main bad guy in the first game, Sordahon. I missed out on the “I’m #$*&$#* Sordahon” t-shirt, as well as a really funny shirt for Battle vs. Chess that said “Hardcore Pawnstar” on it . . . >_<

So, apparently the people who make Guild Wars 2 had some sort of deal with the t-shirt company that actually has a store in the convention center, so that if you go to their booth, you get a stub for a t-shirt, and you bring it to the store, and you get a freshly pressed t-shirt for the game. I managed to snag myself a stub for both a red and a green t-shirt, so I was happy. There was actually a third gray one, but it was rather bland and pretty ugly, so I passed on it.

Here are a couple t-shirts from the numerous Sony booths that were present. The red is one is for Killzone 3, which you got in pretty much a goodie bag if you played the demo, and the black one is for inFamous 2, which you also got for playing the demo. Both games are actually looking pretty sweet, considering this was my first experience with either franchise.

Ah, my first piece of swag from PAX 2010. I was pretty much hanging around the Nintendo booth when the convention started, so I decided to get swag from there first. Here is a Metroid: Other M t-shirt that isn’t at all fancy or such. Still, it’s a Nintendo piece of swag, so I needed it. Next to it is a Final Fantasy XIV Online t-shirt that my homegirl Ashley actually caught when the Square Enix guy was throwing them out during a presentation, of which she gave to me, since it was like 3 sizes too big for her. Thanks! ^_^

Hahaha! The t-shirts they were giving out for Fallout: New Vegas were totally awesome, as I’ve seen the t-shirt they’re based off of. Not only that, it’s a much more subtle shirt, which is something I really like. Next to it, is the super awesome Mortal Kombat t-shirt that you could only get if you played at least 5 of the 8 games at the WB Games booths, and had the pins they gave you for playing their games to prove it. They also marked you pass with permanent marker to signify you got one, but I might’ve accidentally rubbed it off a few times . . . <_< . . . >_> . . . =)

HAIL TO THE KING BABY! ^_^ Hahaha! So, Duke Nukem Forever was totally the surprise of the show. The fact that it was playable was even more shocking! They also did not let fans down with their swag, as I managed to get a hold of the kickass t-shirt, an actually heavy and decent Belt Buckle, and the super awesome Steroids, which boosted your ego, masculinity, and such. Awww yeah!

GrumpyTurtle is the freakin’ man! ^_^ He was so kind enough that at PAX he gave me the original drawing he did when I requested he draw a DOMO! Only, he put his twist on it and created DOMO-Mario! You’re one of the most ballin’ and talented guys around mate, and you best be keeping the art up! =)

Did I mention he’s totally awesome and kind as well? Not only did he give me the above drawing, he also gave me a package full of random stuff that I’m most definitely a fan of. Included was this kickass DOMO City T-Shirt! I love the little references to DOMO that are just throughout the city! You freakin’ rock mate! =D

Finally, we have a Marble Saga: Kororinpa Beanie and Demo Disc, along with a Help Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs Demo Disc. I believe this was from a Hudson prize on the site that Mr. Turtle won . . . kickass! Many thanks once again mate, and please do get back on the art scene with your awesome drawings! d(‘-‘d)

On the advice of TheCleaningGuy, I went to Kinokuniya the day before PAX started and picked up some awesome DOMO and Japanese stuff. Here we have DOMO Sticky Notes that come in a folder and have 8 different kinds of sticky notes of DOMO in the most adorable and awesome poses! This purchase made me all warm and fuzzy inside! ^_^

Also at the bookstore were the 2 missing Final Fantasy Mini Stuffed Monster Key Chains from my collection. I quickly snatched up the Chocobo and Moogle to complete my set of 5, as well as some DOMO Fuzzy Dice to hang somewhere once I find some room . . . pure and sheer awesome!

Lanyard time! First up is a Capcom Unity Lanyard that they only gave out every half hour, followed by a Sonic Lanyard from the Sega booth from playing their demos, and then we have the Killzone 3 Lanyard that came in the bag of stuff they gave you for playing that demo. You can also see my Exhibitor and Three Day Passes I have there, although I forgot to take a picture of the other side of my Three Day one, which has my Destructoid Nametag on it . . . >_<

Here we have some stuff I purchased at the Capcom booth’s store, which were the super awesome and iconic Sour Servbot Bobble Budd, the cute Poogie Plush from Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and your royal highness, Sir Om Nom Nom, otherwise known as a Salamander Plush from Lost Planet 2.

So, retarded “collector’s” story here. My first exposure to the Dragon Quest series was with VIII on the PS2, and I played the ever-living shit out of that game. When I heard IX was heading to the DS, I was super excited and couldn’t wait to get it. Well, when it was finally released, I went to my EB Games to go pick it up and I was appalled by the cover! It had this TERRIBLE square above the “T” where it said something like “Also in French!” Long story short, I waited like an extra 1.5 months to pick up an “unblemished” copy from the States. Yes, I know, I’m a tard . . . -_-‘ . . . hahaha! Well, I went to a Gamestop in one of the malls and picked up Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, as well as the non-existent in Canada, River City Soccer Hooligans.

Go freakin’ awesome retro game stores! A place called Reset Games set up a booth on the show floor and it was something I decided to hit pretty early, in the hopes of finding a gem or two, and as you can see above, I hit a pretty big payday! Most of you know about my quest to get every Atlus game out there, and I got one of the hardest ones to get, at a VERY fair price might I add, in the form of Revelations: Persona! I also managed to snag an in box and complete Wario Land 4! Score!

Somehow I didn’t pick up anything from the Pink Gorilla booth at PAX and if you read my comprehensive review of PAX, you’d know that I was pretty disappointed in their selection of “rare” goods this year. Still, I managed to pick up these three items between the main store and the university store. They are Bomberman Online, and the strategy guides for Brave Fencer Musashi and Xenogears!

The more I think about it, the more I think it was actually Dyson and I who had the first trade in the trading forums . . . hmmm . . . hahaha! Still, we managed to do another one during PAX, at which I managed to come away with a complete and awesome condition Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance! Thanks bud! Also . . . I’m not white! ^_^

Who’s ready for some SWAG?!?!? I really hope you are, because through my carefully planned method of maximizing swag, be prepared for visual stimulation like none other! We begin with stuff from Capcom’s booth, where if you played the Dead Rising 2 demo and got 250 zombie kills, you got a Chuck Green Bobble Budd. Also, every half hour, the guys at the Capcom Unity part of the booth gave away 25 Mega Man Universe Headbands. On the other side of the booth, they just had stacks and piles of Okamiden Stickers and Silly Bandz!

For the PAX virgins . . . or the simply unprepared, there were a couple booths that were giving out bags as swag, so you could hold all the awesome stuff you weren’t prepared for . . . hahaha! =P Here we have a bitchin’ Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Gym Bag that some attendees torn by overstuffing it, along with a Killzone 3 one that was made of studier material but was way smaller.

Here are a couple more bags I managed to get. First up is a Metroid Metal Bag that they were giving to people to put stuff they bought from their booth in, but they were awesome enough to just simply give me one. Right next to it is a bag from the most ballin’ place around for more subtle and well made gaming stuff, Fangamer! They changed up their “fabric” bags from PAX East, to a more “clothy” bag for this PAX! =D

So, I like collect everything cause I’m an idiot, but I kept a hold of the Fangamer Product Foldouts, mainly because they actually debuted a couple of items at the convention, which were the Donkey Kong Country themed Kountry Outpost (middle row, left column, first foldout) and Kongo Pin Set (third row, right column, second foldout). Plus, they’re all colorful and pretty . . . =3

Now here is some of the stuff I bought/received as a gift from the guys at Fangamer! I’ll just get this out of the way (and shower more praise on them, hahaha!), but these guys are hella dedicated to what they do, and are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Jon Kay, the guy who apparently designs most of the stuff, remembered me as the guy carrying around a DOMO-KUN and as the guy who won the Destructoid contest for PAX East. After some chit-chat and taking a group photo for them, he actually just gave me a few items and insisted I take them. Hopefully this shout out doesn’t get you in trouble mate, but thanks dude . . . you are the freakin’ man! d(‘-‘d) I also got more than just this stuff from them, but I already gave them away to the friends who asked me to pick them up certain items.

Still, enough words and story and such, we have: a Metal Gear Solid “!” Sticker, a couple of Fangamer Stickers, another Warp Pipe one, various awesome pins of random awesome, a Timewing (from Chrono Trigger) Sticker, a Kongo Pin Set, a Spawn (Chrono Trigger) Chain Key Charm, a Geek Gas (Earthbound) Sticker, and finally a Chipbender Pin Set! This stuff is topnotch stuff my friends! Seriously, do yourself a favor and head over to Fangamer right now and check out their stuff! You won’t be disappointed!

It’s MAHVAL BAYBEE . . . MAHVAL! ^_^ Holy shit I cannot wait for the new one to come out! So, if you waited in the tournament line and won 2 matches in a row, you would receive this AWESOME shiny (god I love shiny things) bag for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, as well as this super kickass Poster as well, along with the T-Shirt you saw earlier and a Comic Print. Awww yeah!

The WB Games booth had quite a lot of pins there were giving away, only if you played their demos though. I’ll start off with the Super Scribblenauts Pin (Jester #3), because they had it so if you could find a certain number of convention goers with the EXACT SAME pin, you could win prizes like an AWESOME poster (3 people with the same pin), one of those Maxwell hats they gave away if you pre-ordered the game (a near impossible 6 people), or the grand daddy of them all . . . a brand new DSi with custom Scribblenauts artwork on it (10 people)! Here’s where the retardedness comes in. I think they had something like 500 different designs and 10 of each. They gave them out every day, but if someone only had a one day pass, got the same pin as you, but you didn’t know, you’d have ZERO chance of winning since you wouldn’t be able to find them the other days of the convention. Once again, long story short, hella weak contest yo!

In the picture, we also have a WB Games “Collect to Win” Handout, which explained how you had to get 5 of the 8 different pins from the games at the WB Games booth to get the “super prizes” in the middle. So we have pins from Lego Universe, The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest, F1 2010, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, and Mortal Kombat. You may also see that there’s a couple of 5th Cell Developer Pins in a Scribblenauts theme, they were for another freakin’ contest that I don’t even want to explain how stupid it was . . . >_<

Here we have some random stuff like a Deca Sports 3 Necklace, Greene’s Hardware Flyer from Dead Rising 2, a Final Fantasy XIV Online Postcard, a Dragon Age II Inflatable Sword, a Dofus Death (he’s actually REALLY cute) Cell Phone Charm, a Wakfu Pin Set, and finally a Wakfu Mini-Guide and Poster.

Um, do tower defense games freakin’ rock? Hell yeah they do! That’s why Plants vs. Zombies turned into definitely one of my favorite games of the year! From that game, we have a Conehead Paper Hat, a Sunflower Light Up Pin, as well as a Zombie Light Up Pin. There’s also a Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Tag Mode Foldout that teaches you how to canvass for guests for your inn, as well as a Valkyria Chronicles II Pin Set.

Here is some more random swag awesome! I managed to get a Metroid Metal Sticker from the guy at their kiosk and underneath that we have a PAX 2010 Trivia Pin, along with some Raskulls Mr. Destructoid Pins. Ubisoft had some good viral marketing with their Rebuilding Trust With your Friends Postcards that were promoting Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Awesome, kickass, incredible, and fellow Canadian, Maya (bushofghosts) mad some mad ballin’ Destructoid > 9000 Stickers and I managed to snag one from her! ^_^ There’s also a God of War: Ghost of Sparta Downloadable Demo, a Secret of Mana Map, which now makes it so that I finally have a complete copy of that game, and yet another Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Comic Print that I’ll probably give away to someone (probably from the site) as a Christmas gift, since I already have a signed one if you saw this blog of mine.

This stuff is from a game that I’m actually looking forward to, now that they’re apparently releasing a physical copy of the game! For those of you who haven’t heard of it yet, Retro City Rampage is a giant parody of a myriad of games like: Grand Theft Auto, Mario, Metal Gear, etc. They marketed its retro goodness by giving out NES Papercraft, Sega Master System Game Sleeves that would be used if it came out for that console, and Stickers.

During the Destructoid LIVE panel, Alex Neuse, came in dressed as Commander Video and was throwing out posters of characters from the Bit.Trip series. My Calgary homeboy actually caught one and gave it to me, and it turned out ot be Junior Melchkin! It’s actually just a giant sticker on the piece of paper, but it’s still pretty sweet yo!

Hey! It’s a poster from that Destructoid affiliated podcast where those people with funny accents talk about games and stuff . . . BritToid! =) The BritToid crew was actually going around Seattle putting these posters up, with the hopes to get some marketing and exposure. I would say it was a rousing success, particularly with their “first” poster, which I unfortunately didn’t manage to get one of, but involved Paul Revere . . . hahaha!

I was actually just handed one of these as I was leaving the convention center on the last day, but apparently this is a PAX 2010 Limited Edition of 3,000 Glass Poster, which seemed kind of cool, which is why I kept it, hahaha!

Remember how I said Bethesda knew how to give swag away? This was also there for the taking, which is a Fallout: New Vegas – All Roads Lithograph, which I really enjoyed because if you’re a fan of the series, you’d know it’s from the game, and it’s not like an obnoxious poster or anything like that.

Last, but not least, here is what I think is probably the COOLEST thing I got from PAX! Disney Interactive actually brought TWO Disney animators/drawers with them to their booth for PAX to help promote Disney Epic Mickey, where for the entire time the show floor was open, they would draw ANY Disney character an attendee requested. It literally was magic just watching them do their thing, as each drawing took about 5 – 8 minutes, but just seeing childhood heroes and characters come to life before your eyes is kind of surreal. I totally waited close to 2 hours for this on my last day, because how often does an opportunity like this occur? As you may have seen in my blog last week, I got myself a picture of Fantasia Mickey! So friggin’ cool!

Well friends, that does it for another edition of A Compulsive Collector’s Haul! I’m just about done cataloging and taking pictures of the stuff I’ve gotten over the past 3 months since PAX, so I’ll have to figure out what to post in my next few hauls, and in what order. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this and until next time, latez mates!
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