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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - 2 - 3 Months Late Pre-PAX East Edition!

Dag yo folks! So, hereís another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul. As you can tell from the title, Iím just a LITTLE bit behind. Well, there goes my ďresolutionĒ of trying to keep up with this and all. Oh well! You guys are in for quite a treat for this one, as Iíve got some pretty rare and awesome stuff from eBay, more Cash Converters awesomeness, stuff I got from a Call of Duty friend that Iím really behind on posting, and some super kickass DOMO stuff from ChillyBilly!

Starting with my hangout of Cash Converters as usual, we have some awesome Capcom goodies in the way of Mega Man X4, Mega Man X6, and Resident Evil: Survivor. Weíve also got a The House of the Dead: Overkill and a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Iím somehow still missing the original by some miracle. >_< In the middle bottom row, we also have Touch Detective 2 Ĺ of which I didnít buy day one, and it took me pretty much forever to track a copy down. I guess thatís what I get for taking Atlus for granted back then, hahaha!

Continuing with the greatest store ever, we have some NES games and a PSP one here. I just remember people talking about how they were good games and all, so I picked up Golgo 13: Top Secret Agent and its sequel, The Mafat Conspiracy. So yeah, Squaresoft did make NES games and I managed to snag an in box Rad Racer II, which I thought was pretty awesome. I also got an in box StarTropics, which Iím using to replace my cartridge only copy. I also had a few friends mention how Lumines was a kickass puzzle game, so I picked that up as well and will hopefully get around to playing it.

Goozex time! Once again, one of the best trading sites on the planet pulls through again for me. I hope everyone knows they do RETRO games nowadays, which is super effing awesome. So, once again, I suggest everyone to jump on the bandwagon and start doing some Goozexing! I forgot who mentioned it, but someone said that Soul Bubbles was rare and a pretty good game, and considering it was a USA and Toys ďRĒ Us exclusive, I needed it. I got a black label Soul Blade as well to replace my lame Greatest Hits one. We also have Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Limited Collectorís Edition, which I didnít get originally, since I got the regular version as a gift. Thereís also yet another version of Street Fighter Alpha 2 and The Conduit Special Edition.

Iím a pretty big eBay fan when I have some time to kill and can do some ďresearchĒ and all. I managed to get a copy of Ehrgeiz with the guide for a very reasonable price, and Iím quite happy to get one of the harder to obtain Squaresoft games on PlayStation.

So, if youíre a regular reader and you donít already know Iím on a quest for every Atlus game released in North America, youíre pretty dumb! Hahaha! I kid, I kid! =P But yeah, the quest continues! Once again by scouring eBay, I found an in box Ogre Battle: Person of Lordly Caliber, Lunar Legend, and Earthworm Jim all for really good prices from one seller. The thing I was pissed off about was that he had a complete Chrono Trigger that I just watched and thought it would go for something obscene, only go for likr $41 . . . *is a sad panda* . . . T_T . . . hahaha!

So, if you read a previous haul of mine, you might know I came into an obscene amount of EB Games store credit by flipping games and all. With my ďinvisible money,Ē I got the Premium Edition of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, which came with a soundtrack and some collectible card things. I also got KORG DS-10 PLUS, Shadow of Destiny, Shiren the Wanderer, and some super bitchiní Metal Slug XX! Woohoo! More Atlus! =D

So, back in like early January or something like that, I got an unexpected box from a good friend that I met on Xbox Live and Call of Duty, Hockeyjedi. We talked a lot about hockey, Star Wars, and food in general, and well, I sent him some hockey stuff that I had kickiní about and he sent me this box of random awesomeness!

First up we have Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor Underground, as well as Bomberman Party Edition. We also have the soundtrack of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. Um . . . fuck yeah!

Next up we have SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, the bonus disc you got if you pre-ordered Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, and The Punisher.

Now here we have the BioShock EP that came with the Special Edition of the game, some LEGO Star Wars trading cards, a giant sized hockey card of my favorite hockey player, Joe Sakic, a Star Wars Republic Commando: Hard Contact book, The Ultimate Halo Companion DVD Set, and a Diablo II Special Limited Edition Widescreen DVD Movie.

The awesome doesnít stop there. Hereís the note Hockeyjedi put in the box, along with some Mini Moon Pies, which are like a US exclusive snack, but are very similar to the Wagon Wheels we have in Canada. Also, holy shit! I now have another copy of what I deem to be one of the most valuable guides out there, the super shiny The Legend of Zelda Collectorís Edition!

Holy hell! The kickass continues! He also sent me a Nintendo Gamecube lunch bag, which had a bunch of figures inside of it! We have a Maximo figure with sword, but it is unfortunately missing his shield, hahaha! An SSX Tricky figure with snowboard and stand, a mini Boba Fett figure (hands down best Star Wars character ever), a Solid Snake figure, and a PlayStation 2 Calendar with 3 Highlighters. Thanks a TON for this stuff once again Hockeyjedi, and well, you can be expecting a surprise soon! ^_^

And we have another box! As Iím typing this, Iím just thinking about how drastically behind I am on these hauls, and now itís feeling like quite the daunting task. >_< Oh well! As most of you Dtoiders should also know by now, Iím also a VERY big fan of the coolest ďbrown fudgey thingĒ (description courtesy of my friend Junice) . . . DOMO-KUN! Well, super kickass member ChillyBilly decided to be super awesome and send me some of the USA exclusive DOMO stuff his 7-11 had!

I honestly canít remember what triggered him sending me the stuff or how he found out I wanted DOMO stuff (care to refresh my memory mate? Hahaha!), but nonetheless I am eternally grateful to him. Look!!! He sent me a 2GB DOMO Flash Drive, a fuzzy mini-plushie DOMO on a snowboard, and 2 crazy colored slurpee themed DOMOs!

It doesnít stop there! Here are 2 DOMO exclusive slurpee cups . . . AND a freaking DOMO can cooler? Iím pretty damn homo for DOMO right now!

Last but not least . . . a freaking DOMO-KUN comic?!?!? =O Wow, this stuff is nothing short of phenomenal! Thanks a TON once again mate! Iím compiling a box of stuff right now for you as well mate!

Well, that ends yet another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul! I havenít decided if Iím going to catch up on stuff Iíve had laying around for a while, or do my PAX East haul in between. Weíll see which is easier to do. Also, GREATEST APOLOGIES to TheCleaningGuy, as I just realized I havenít posted pictures of the super kickass DOMOs he got for me in a trade I had with him. -_-Ď Until next time, latez mates!
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