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Picked up the Mega man legacy collection on switch, good times! I really love the museum section and all the character art. Thanks to the rewind feature, I finally had the patience to finish the original Mega Man, felt good to get through it finally!


It’s so awesome the new ToeJam and Earl game turned out so good! Haven’t had much time for games lately, but definitely going to take some time this weekend to enjoy it. I wish I could invite you guys over for some couch co-op.


In the year of our lord 2019, it can be easy to despair at the unimaginable shitshow the world has become. But remember, when I was a lad Limp Bizkit was played on the radio. THAT was rock bottom, there has been progress!


Question for you guys, I got this bead art for Christmas, it’s for my son’s room as I suggested Link as a possible name(didn’t work) Anyhoo, is this version from a specific game? I can’t place it. Or is it artistic interpretation? Thanks


Merry Christmas everybody. It’s baby funk’s first Christmas he loved all his presents. I was thinking about when he was born and how stressful that was, lots of you guys sent me messages of encouragement, and it really helped me out. Have a good one!


Happy Birthday Churros!! You always make people feel welcome here, and are such a huge part of the community. Hope you have an awesome day.


Got an upvote from Martin Boselie, my new best friend. We share the common interest of aspiring affection and desire for sex and love.


Lately the only time I've had to be on Dtoid is at the end of the day just before I go to sleep. Looking through a full day of Qtoid is a window into a very special madness. Today it was a Minion fetish, I didn't see that coming. But I fapped anyway.


Happy Birthday to Dtoid!!I’ve met a bunch of really awesome people here over the years, and I’m so happy to call this place Home.


Greetings my Dtoid friends. Holy Shit, what a crazy few weeks!! Thought I would introduce Dtoids newest member Logan. #babyfunk


Hi everyone, just wanted to let you guys know my son was born!!! He didn’t make it easy, but he’s healthy as can be, and my wife is recovering well. When I can get pictures to upload I’ll show him off. Thanks so much for all the well wishes.


Well, we’ve been in the hospital for the better part of 3 Days, my wife is having some brutal pre-labor issues. She’s hanging in there though, and hopefully baby will be born in the next 24 hours. Send us some of those good vibes!!!


Hello my Dtoid friends. I haven’t been around much lately, but I have been spying when I get the chance. I’ve been building a shit load of baby furniture, I have now prepped the landing pad for our new arrival. Should be any day now.


Recently finished the RE Remake on PS4, still a kickass game. First time I’ve played as Chris, only 6 inventory slots, no lock pick, can’t make V-Jolt to kill the plant roots, and you never see Barry. Clearly Jill Valentine is the only way to go.


Had fun reading all the carnage from freaky friday. Maybe by becoming others, you learned how to walk in their shoes, and learned an important life lesson. Or maybe you perverts just liked going through their underwear drawers while they weren't looking.


Thanks to the SNES classic, and specifically the rewind feature, I finished Super Castlevania 4 for the first time. Only took 25 years or so since I first played it. Never give up on your dreams!!!!!


Happy Birthday to Chris and Scruff, hope you guys are able to relax and have a good day.


Sometimes I sit on the toilet and get caught up on a days worth of Qposts that I’ve missed.


This morning I was telling my wife about how everyone on dtoid went out trying to get a SNES classic. I told her I didn't really want to spend the money on it, or wait in line to get one. Then she came home and gave me this, I was so happy! True Love


I saw Angela Merkel on the news this morning, I then tried to create a good name for a porn parody based on the German Chancellor. It was amusing for awhile, but then I thought about it for too long, and felt sad about the state of my mind.


Was away for a few days, came back and saw you beautiful bastards got @Dere a PS4, it got done so quickly! I know I'm late on this but it's really awesome to see acts of kindness like that. Love this place, VIVA DTOID!!!


Wildfires are crazy this year in B.C. 40,000 people evacuated still 140 active fires burning. My town has looked like silent hill for weeks with the amount of smoke in the air, but getting rain today, hopefully that starts to calm things down!


Just watched Street Fighter 2 the animated movie. At one point, Ken seeks guidance from his sensei, and the sensei says "give birth to yourself". Good luck with that Ken.


On HLN news, they showed a clip from the Simpsons movie, and then said Ranier Wolfcastle was voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is confirmation that we are living in a reality where parody has become indistinguishable from truth.


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