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An opinion or a job, you decide which one you want and you can't have both.


Nominees for Destructoid's battlebest Battleborn battlegame of 2016


Someone posted Suomusic yesterday, have suomore


The very moment you finish 5* Urgent quest, this fucking shit shows up


Holy shit some people decided it would be a good idea to talk shit about Harada because he made a remark at everyone's favorite pejorative acronym.


This is the only thing I know about both Ilya and the Fate/ series in general.


Also my weapontoid is the Hellraiser from Toxikk. I'm a sucker for giant map wiping weapons. [youtube]https://youtu.be/LEsXzAYbNk0?t=36[/youtube]


Happy Free Moral Highground Day on Twitter! You're not a piece of shit! TELL EVERYONE HOW NOT A PIECE OF SHIT YOU ARE COMPARED TO THE OTHER PIECES OF SHIT!


Here's to you, Anglo-separatists. Now you know what it's like to be French-Canadian.


Lemme get this straight: Either Britain suddenly becomes wholly racist or nothing changes and John Oliver remains unfunny?


Knife Death, Car Death, Megadeth, Jamming a fork in an outlet Death, Black Death, Alligator Death, Undeath, Deux Death, Starcraft Death, Grenade Launcher Death, Cancer Death, Violence Death, Murder Death, Bare-handed Death, Man Death, Woman Death, etc.


The Starship Troopers OVA wasn't too great, but hot damn, that 2nd OP.


Self-portrait. Eyebrows are 1:1.


Nekro drew a thing. I drew [an artistic interpretation of] Nekro.


Time to grade E3 shit! EVERYONE GETS THE D.


I was drinking this earlier this week. A truly blessed and holy saké.


Today is a blessed and holy day, for evil has been vanquished.


A softball introduction to yukkuri let's play.


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