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About Fuentsone of us since 5:05 PM on 12.01.2009

I'm a 18 year old college student at the local community college (can't wait to transfer to a four year school). But who cares about that right? This is a videogame website after all. I started gaming with a Gamecube, which I never really got into, so I traded it for a PS2 about a couple years after the it released. My first two games were Final Fantasy X and Devil May Cry, both of which I still love.

From there I fell in love and bought games with any money I earned working. Unfortunately I never read any reviews at the time so I blindly bought whatever caught my eye. Case in point, Spawn Armageddon.


Seriously fuck that game.

Anyway, I've gone on long enough about what I'd assume no one would find very interesting, so I'll end with love the site and thank god for reviews after wasting money on things like the above.