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About Frownieone of us since 12:29 PM on 05.10.2009

I'm a longtime D-Toid lurker (since the days when Nex was still on the payroll) and thought it was about time to set up an account. World of Warcraft took a stranglehold on my gaming for the past four years or so, but recently I've quit and started playing all the great games that were obscured by Blizzard's behemoth. I have a decent gaming pc (obviously), 360, Wii, and myriad of systems from previous generations. Hopefully I'll scrounge up enough cash for a Ps3 in the near future, college being the main reason I don't have one already.

The easiest way to get to know a gamer is from their favorite games, so a few of my favorite games are...

Pokémon (series)
Mario (platformers)
Half-Life 2
Team Fortress 2
Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, etc
Ico/Shadow of the Colossus
Katamari Damacy
Super Puzzle Fighter
Castle Crashers
Legend of Zelda (series, Wind Waker being my favorite)
Persona 3 & 4, and basically anything else with Atlus's name attached.
Resident Evil 4
Metroid (series)
Castlevania (series)
Metal Gear Solid (series)
Earthbound & Mother 3

and the list goes on...

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