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Gus joined me for a wedding this weekend! What a swell guy. Edit: My close friend Shibboletho was there as well but withheld the photo of the 3 of us from me until tonight. Pic in the comments.


Happy Birthdays to both Mr. Moyse and DeScruff. I hope you both take the time to celebrate the day properly by playing Siege.


Streaming some MtG Arena with Bass for Extra Life. Come watch him beat my baguette for the kids. Probably could have worded that better but it's too late now. Twitch.tv/venturecrow


Happy Halloween Dtoid! This year I decided to try going as Kyoko from River City Girls to mixed results. More pics in the comments. Also, what did you end up dressing as?


So a Torch, a Frosty, and a Gus logged into Gundam Battle Operation 2...


This is your (monthly?) reminder to try out Siege. Meet some cool people. Fuze a hostage. Just have a really chill time.


If they ever carried over any elements of DOOM 3 to any other DOOM title it should be the little robot friends that give a happy little chirp when they kill demons.


Just finished my first run through of River City Girls. Wayforward made a fantastic beat em up with this one. I loved everything from the gameplay mechanics, to the character designs and boss fights, to the stellar soundtrack. Also the DD Neon jokes.


Hell yeah. I'm so glad I was able to catch this.


Recently picked this up since I love both Brian Wood and Alien. It's been pretty damn good so far.


METAL WOLF CHAOS SPOILER: The mechs are just dudes in rubber suits but Bill Pullman does an excellent job bringing the script to life and Van Damme makes for a great villain.


Are there any covers you've found that you prefer to the original song? I like the energy of the original Rihanna song but god do I prefer the loungy sound of this cover.


First Gunpla is finally done. I chose best boi's OG suit as it's my favorite. Might try and go for a different zaku next.


If you could rescore any fight scene or shootout from an action movie what scene would it be and what song would you use?


@Bong264 Freakin' heretics distracing me. I've also been working on some Grey Knights that will hopefully be done next week.


Welp, that's the platinum in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. I guess it's time to pour myself into something else.


I'm so excited that Prins can finally boot me off the PS4 so she can play this. I was so close to finishing Bloodstained :(


The day I graced this earth was an important day for me but for everyone else...


Bloodstained let me make a poor facsimile of Toga. 10/10 instant classic.


So I'm thinking about getting together a friendly 4v4 L4D night next Saturday. It'd be on PC towards the evening, on L4D2 since that contains all the maps from the first one anyway. Who would be game? EDIT: Postpone. More in comments.


Hey @Torch we found you a little visual aid for when you inevitably join us at the bottom of the barrel.


Picked this up yesterday. Definitely worth it if you're looking to do a more light hearted, less serious set of sessions and the new classes they introduce are a riot. Can't decide if I want to go with an Occultant or a Documancer.


I couldn't join you guys last night but I'd be down to smash tonight around 7pm EST if anyone else is game.


Due to a pact we made with an infernal entity our semi-regularly scheduled night of pain and misery continues at 7pm eastern. We danced with Torchman by our graves and this is the decision that he made. Twitch.tv/venturecrow


How Limo feels when someone finally takes that first hit of hydration.


Spoilers: Bloodstained's castle is made out of Spaghetti floating in a moat of marinara.


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