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Friday Night Fights: Good Dog Edition

Warning: NVGR emotional stuff incoming. Skip to the bottom for the vidya garmz.I should preface by saying that if you're ever in a situation where you have a choice between using Craigslist to look for roommates or being a homeless person l...


Friday Night Fights: Rusty Kart Edition

Just a few days ago I played my first game of local multiplayer Mario Kart in a very long time. And on this meditative journey of introspection, I realized some things. For example, I realized that I've lost some of my Mario Kart 8 touch. ...


Friday Night Fights: Kept You Playing huh?

Let me start this out by saying that I love The Phantom Pain, but in the beginning I was torn between blowing through story missions and trying to make it last a bit longer as this will probably be the last true Metal Gear game. More than a...


Hidden Blog: How To & Image links

Okay, here's a quick How To. You've all got blogging experience already but for the sake of uniformity we should format our Monday posts like so:1.) Header image2.) Introductory Post3.) A quick recap of how to host. Something to the tune of...


Putting Out A Call: Streamtoid.

Hi all. The Defenestrator here. I'll keep this brief. We're currently trying to start up Twitchtoid as a thing any community member can use to schedule a Twitch session on their own channel... but we don't want to neglect our brothers-in-a...


Friday Night Fights: A Re-Introduction

Hello and welcome to the new, sexier, more streamlined Friday Night Fights. This isn't your weekly blog, just a quick re-introduction. They're still fixing up around the house and it needs to be officially christianed with the appropriate ...


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