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Friday Night Fights: Looking Forward To 2015 Edition


Happy New Year, Dtoid. I wish I had something more interesting to talk about than Call Of Duty, but that's all I've been playing lately. I have Fallout 4 but I'm waiting for a couple more patches before I really dive in. I have Onechanbara Z2 and Earth Defense Force 4.1 in the wings. I also have the Bloodborne and The Witcher 3 expansions. I still haven't touched SOMA.

Nonetheless, I'm still spending my evenings trying to carve out my spot in the middle of the pack in multiplayer... or attempting to solo Shadows Of Evil when my internet gets spotty. I'll even dick around the campaign here and there for calling cards. CODBLOPS3 actually marks the first Call Of Duty I've managed to stick with long enough to Prestige in. yet. I'm certainly not at a loss for content.

I'm not entirely sure of the allure. I'm certainly not running the tables in Team Deathmatch or anything (as my scrub tier .79 K/D ratio would attest). The campaign was nonsense even if co-op is a welcome addition and Nightmares is a neat little bonus for completing it. Maybe it's the Zombies mode. It's hard to get tired of Jeff Goldblum's Vaudevillian illusionist and there's certainly enough depth that you won't get the full experience without consulting YouTube walkthroughs or sub-Reddits.

Ultimately, I think it boils down to value for money. Black Ops 3 is $60 worth of game, no doubt. My big problem with it's competition this year, Star Wars: Battlefront, has been that "value for money" proposition. I feel like I'm getting my money's worth from CODBLOPS3 even without the season pass. Solid as Battlefront may be, I'm not nearly a big enough Star Wars fan to overlook the comparatively lesser amount of content. I've watched it played on Twitch and the game looks beautiful but the maps all seem pretty bland and one-note.

Looking forward, I'm honestly not sure what kind of year 2016 will be for me, gaming-wise. Outside of maybe a couple of smaller horror titles, Persona 5 is the only thing looming large in my brain. All of the big ticket games announced so far are strictly in the "wait and see" category. I can't even work up any excitement for Uncharted 4 and I love that series, despite itself. Thankfully, I seem to have a nice backlog waiting for me, so I'll have plenty to tide me over while I find out what's actually worth playing this year and what's just all flash and no substance.

-The Defenestrator

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