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FNF - Fighting with the Blog Editor or How Rocket League Consumed my entire life


What day is it? [I GOT IT!] Who am I? [Wow!] [Wow!] [Wow!] Please help me, I keep hearing these voices in my head that say things like boost to block in the air and sarcastic chat messages [NICE SHOT!] Please help me, I want to do things like read and finally watch the last 2 episodes of Venture Bros from last season so I can start watching the new season but I can't be arsed to pull myself away from the computer. The thin mint wrappers and empty water and coffee glasses surround me, I fear they know they outnumber me and will one day overpower me. A fitbit counts the days since its use by collecting dust. I sometimes hear rapping at my door but they subside soon enough. All that is left to me is working up my ranked levels. Soon me and Rocket League will be indistinguishable, we shall become one. And together we will last until the servers die.

In real life news though I'm back off weekend mornings which means I can do some super late night Smashing on Fridays! Oh neat, dragon and drop is back in the editor. This is running entirely too slow like my system is lagging but it's only on this page.

-Amna Umen

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