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About Frickincarlone of us since 7:59 PM on 10.16.2009

Well hi there!
My name is Dustin but I go by quite the slew of nicknames.
I'm known on WoW as Frickincarl of Bronzebeard (armory me!)
But most of the time my Gamer Tag is Megalamoniacal.
Now some of you are saying "Hey! You spelled it wrong!"
Well! You wouldn't believe the amount of people who tell me that in-game and fail in their attempts once they try to say it.
It became pretty damn funny to me so the name has stuck.
I'm new so this will be heavily edited later.
Until then here are games I am currently playing:

World of Warcraft (Bronzebeard US)
Half Life 2: Episode 2 (Just finished it tonight and HOLY SHIT I WANT EP 3 NOW!!)
World of Goo (never got around to this game so I picked it up on steam earlier. Enjoying)
Braid (Still has me puzzled for days)
Warcraft 3 (Coming back for the story. It saddens me that soon I will be defeating the Lich King)
Team Fortress 2
Counter-Strike: Source
Thief Deadly Shadows (Great game. I was recommended it a while ago and finally picked it up.)
Starcraft (A constant classic among my friends. We play occasionally)

That's about it for now. As you can see I juggle quite a few games. I keep a lot of games around to give me frequent breaks from WoW. I raid 2-3 days a week. We are casual so I pass the time outside of WoW with games I can just pick up and play.
I do own a 360 but I just became an owner. It took a while for me because I've owned consoles in the past and I've always been more of a fan of my PC games. Not that I'm an Elitist, but, well I guess I sort of am.