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GTA V PC Delayed, Nevermind We Still Have PS4 Version


If you're like me you're probably very disappointed with the annoucnement yesterday that GTA V on the PC would be delayed by a couple of months until March. I am gutted. Nevertheless, I do still have the game on my PS4 and today I want to write about that. It's easily the game I've spent the most time playing recently. Enjoy!

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto game series were looking forward to the E3 Conference in hopes that an announcement would be made that Grand Theft Auto V would soon be made available for Playstation 4, XBox One, and PC. Though rumors of the game’s extended availability had been spreading for some time, fans were eager to see if those rumors were true. E3 seemed like the perfect chance for the announcement to be made.

E3 delivered as it was announced at Sony’s press conference that the game would be made available for PS4. There was even a PS4 version featured. The game was also confirmed to be released for XBox One and PC as well.

The original game released for PS3 and XBox 360 in September 2013, so why would anyone want to buy the game again? If this were just a repackaged version of the game for the newest consoles, the gamers would be wasting their time and money. But this is a remastered version, and it packs a lot of new features that will have fans of the game excited to try the game out again. The game’s announcement trailers shows the level of detail Rockstar Games has injected into the graphics of the new version. This is confirmed by comparison photos and videos made by fans. The popular densities for both vehicles and non-playable characters is higher, animals are featured roaming around in the game, and the landscape is covered with more grass than in the previous version.

Players can import their GTA Online stats from the previous version into the Playstation 4 version. The game features plenty of features to excite fans of the game and those who have yet to try the game out. If you haven’t played it, this is the version to get.

The biggest reason fans are excited about the remastered version of the game is because of the additional content featured in the new game. Fans can look forward to more and better cheats that they’ve enjoyed from previous games. They’ll also encounter new challenges and game events, new weapons, and new vehicles. You’ll feel like you’re playing a completely new game with all of the options provided by this version.

E3 gave GTA fans what they wanted in the announcement of GTA V’s re-release. Fans can pick up the game at their favorite store today.

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