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Checking out GTA V on the PC


I am a PC gamer at heart and want to talk about one game in particular I am very much looking forward to and why... and it's being released this month!

Grand Theft Auto V, which was originally released for Playstation 3 and XBox 360 in 2013, was recently re-released as an for Playstation 4 and XBox One, as well as for PC. If you’re primarily a PC gamer, this may be your first experience with the game. Here are a few reasons why you should check it out.

Grand Theft Auto V has been re-released for a reason, and that’s because gamers love it. The game was an instant success in its initial run, and with its availability on the newest generation consoles and PC, the game is sure to continue to gain in popularity. This is the first time the game is available for PC, and it’s definitely one to check out even if you’ve already played the previous version on the last generation of consoles. GTA V boasts an almost endless gaming experience with the ability to utilize a variety of GTA 5 PC cheats in the game, including weather changes, vehicle spawns, and max health. These and many other cheat codes give gamers control over their gameplay in way that provides almost endless entertainment.

This also isn’t just a release of the original version of the game for PC. The newest version of GTA V is a genuine remastered port that proves that not all gamemakers are out to make more money on re-releasing previously successful games. The colors are brighter and the graphics are more vibrant. A side-by-side comparison of the remastered version with the original will quickly reveal the level of detail that the graphics overhaul has created in the remastered port. Gamers will also find more content and gameplay capabilities than in the previous version. Imagine more people and more vehicles as well as a variety of animals as you play the game, and this is just a taste of what the remastered version includes.

PC gamers are also at an advantage because the PC version gives them the ability to enhance or alter their gameplay by creating game mods. Many users have already been taking advantage of this aspect of the game. This creates more gameplay options for players even as they utilize the already impressive number of cheat codes the game offers. Players won’t ever have to worry about being bored when playing the new version of GTA V because the changes they can make to the game are seemingly endless.

These reasons are enough to convince any fan of the GTA series to check out the latest version of GTA V for PC.

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