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Top 10 Things in Video Games which make me feel good.

So, this week, here's my TOP 10 THINGS WHICH MAKE ME FEEL GOOD IN GAMES. You could argue that these are some of the reasons I actually continue playing games...and you would win that argument.

10. Reloading a gun.

It's just so satisfying to reload a nice gun so you have a full clip before unleashing the pain. Even if I've only fired 2 bullets out of 50, I still reload if there's nothing around. You never know when you need that extra bullet. Honestly, I can't even count the times when that last bullet managed a head-shot, my motto is 'Make every bullet count (Or failing that, just Spray and Pray and hope for the best. In fact, that's a far more accurate motto of mine)'

9. Escaping with a tiny bit of health.

So let me set a scene, there are a lot of bad guys shooting at you and you are certain you are going to die, you have no ammo, so you run, run like there's no tomorrow, bullets or arrows hit you in your back, your health is nearly at ZERO and you turn a corner and reach the end of the level, or find medkits and Ammo galore, Your free! And who said running wasn't a legitimate strategy? As someone once said "We're not retreating! We're just advancing in the other direction!

8. Checkpoint Reached...

Once every so often, I come across a frustrating level which I have to do over and over again, you get a little bit further than usual and [Checkpoint Reached...] OH THANK FUCK FOR THAT!! There's always one level in a game, always ONE which really REALLY annoys the HELL out of me! Some checkpoints are placed well, some in stupid places, in fact I was playing Tomb Raider Anniversary last week and, well, my neighbors heard me screaming "LAAAAARRRRRRRAAAAA! F$^*$ING HELL!" I assured them that everything was in fact fine.

Playing some games on a laptop is not often a good idea

7. Accidentally pulling of an amazing Combo.

So I start of a simple combo (Mainly because i can't remember the big ones) and you get a little too excited, it half turns into a button mash and randomly pressing buttons, when you realize that you just pulled off an ultimate combo. Holy cow... Anyway, If I'm winning in a fighting game or Action hack 'n' Slash, you can be damn sure I'm being reeeeaaallly lucky.

6. Figuring out a confusing puzzle.

Some adventure games have this so called 'Moon Logic'. Anyway, you're stuck at a really frustrating puzzle, you've pretty much tgried everything, but you're determained to do this on your own. Then it hits you, it all comes together and Voila! "I'm a genious!"

5. Jumping from a really high building (and to a lesser extend, surviving).

So for some reason, I climb the tallest building in the game. Why I do this, even when it is frustrating, i have no Idea. But when I get to the top... well for me, it is so damn satisfying to just jump off it, all the way to the bottom, ages of torturous climbing undone in a few seconds. Feels good man. Notable 'Tallest building Jumping' goes to Assassin's Creed (God bless haystacks), Crackdown (Skills for Kills agent, Skills for Kills) and Prototype (>inFamous).

4. Defeating a really difficulty Boss.

What can I say? Killing that damn bastard before he kills you feels great. Although I hate to say it, the harder, cheaper and more frustrating the boss, the greater the feeling when it's freakin' dead. I'm getting quite good at boss fights now.

3. Completing the Story.

It all comes together, its all over, you've saved the world, you and you alone are responsible for undoing the Evil plans forever. Now you can rest and relax and feel good about that completed quest. Even shooters have basic stories which I enjoy, Maxy Payne and Halo are notable mentions. A lot of people say the Gameplay is greater than Story, I'd like to fucking point them in the direction of adventure games, which have quite shit gameplay, but why do I keep playing and love them? You guessed it, the goddamn story. While on the topic of Adventure games...

2. Clearing my inventory in adventure games.

All those useless items, combined or used and you no longer have to cycle through all that junk, it's so clean and empty, you know you've done a lot to get this far and now you can bask in the one or two items left if there are any at all. The feeling that no more stupid illogical puzzled involving jam jars and hose pipes are coming your way is fantastic!

1. Watching the Credits and reminiscing.

Game completed! This is the time where I watch the credits and reminisce about all my adventures, all the hardships I endured, the love, the loss and the killing. FUCK YEAH! Oh how I makes me feel great, that's why it's number 1 on this list.

So now that's over, does that sound about right? Also (Cocks) Tell me, what makes you feel happy when playing games? (The first person to mention Sexy Beach 3 and their lower regions is beyond help) Enjoy!
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