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Part of my new year's resolution is to play games of the sort I don't usually play. Should it be Forza, Fortnite or Paladins (would've been Overwatch, but I ain't paying).


I asked a mate who's a chef - a pretty good one. He says a hot dog is a sandwich.


Two things I love most in the world: hip hop and video games. Two things that make me feel old right now: hip hop and Fortnite.


Remember the two signs of success: 1) You have a Wikipedia page that you didn't create. 2) You can have a cocaine habit and have it only be a health concern, but not a financial one. The more you know, kids.


Games I'd actually pay to see remade or rebooted: Jak and Daxter (Reboot) Hexen (Reboot) Grim Fandango (Remake AND sequel) Discworld (Reboot) Conker's Bad Fur Day (Either/or to be honest) I know I'm missing stuff here, guys. Come on, help me ou


My friend once told me he didn't understand the big deal about The Last of Us. Obviously I was baffled...then I found out he played it with Spotify on in the background. Fuckwit.


I came a ball hair away from falling off the wagon tonight, but managed to hold back thanks to my friend drunkenly (ironic) telling everyone to applaud me for not drinking for the last month. He's a gem.


In case I forget for tomorrow: Merry Christmas, my wonderful Destructoid family. Always remember, boys and girls, the wise words of Danny Brown: "Got the game on lock like we changed the key." Thanks for the likes and support. Much love. See you soo


Honestly, I don't know why, but I can never bring myself to do an evil playthrough EVER on any game.


I'm having the shit kicked out of me by the cold, not helped by the damp in my home. Suggestions of short games that will either make me happy or make me cry would be much appreciated.


I am beyond moist about Outer Worlds. I'll be posting a long ass read later today where I speculate wildly about the game's content based on the, like, two minutes of it I've seen.


So I'm only just getting back into GTA Online and I'm doing all the nightclub shit. Don't care much for Dixon really, but I'm blown away that Rockstar got three of my favourite DJs involved. So, Destructoid family, which DJs would you want added?


If you didn't think Dark Souls was enough like a panic attack then here's my playlist: Death Grips, Ho99o9, Street Sects, Mastodon, Circle Takes the Square, Locust, clipping.


Game Awards predictions: 1) Bethesda announce Hexen reboot. 2) Valve announce plans to just start with number three from now on. 3) Hideo Kojima finally admits that Death Stranding isn't a real thing and he's been making Silent Hills all along.


So I don't know if you can lose at Tinder. But I reckon this guy just has.


1) Jessica Rabbit 2) Teenage Simba 3) Lola Bunny 4) Elora - Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage 5) Bianca - Spyro: Year of the Dragon 6) Spike Spiegel Thus concludes the disturbing amount of animated characters involved in my sexual awakening.


Yo, can someone tell me how the fuck you add tags to a blog post? This is driving me insane. thank you, beautiful people.


So I reckon I'm going to re-read every William Gibson novel in preparation for Cyberpunk 2077, I mean the man did coin the term after all. Anybody got any solid Cyberpunk novels to suggest that may have flown under my radar?


Is there anything more painful in this world than having a hankering to play a particular game, only to remember that you lent it to a friend and you're most likely never going to get it back.


And a Nights into Dreams one. Or was it Knights? I dunno. Sorry for just listing my nostalgic nonsense.


While we're at it give me a Good Omens game to tie in with the series.


Give me a remaster of the old Discworld games already.


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