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A belated introduction

Howdy folks. I'm Fraser, one of the new PC/news interns. I thought I'd jump onto the c-blogs and properly introduce myself before I start appearing on the site. A handful of you might already know me as ImmortalWaster from comments and my blog posts here. I never really got around to writing an intro blog, I just sort of jumped in due to an overwhelming desire to write about Total War: Shogun 2.

I'm from Scotland and right now I'm trapped in our nation's capital of Edinburgh. After getting a useless degree that won't serve a purpose until someone invents a time travelling device I pretty much got stuck here. But it's not so bad, I found a really comfy seat.

I enjoy expensive whiskey, cheap women, dogs that wear hats (particularly top hats, bowler hats and deer stalkers) and daleks.


I can't stand animals that don't talk, spontaneous singing and the many, many individuals who don't laugh at my jokes.

I once smoked shisha with an Iranian bus driver who looked like George W Bush.

Now that you've read my online dating profile and know me as well as any human possibly could, we'll get to the good stuff...


I have my folks to thank for my passion for gaming. If I hadn't been such a trying child they might not have bought me a Game Boy, rather, they would have delighted in my company and I'd be one of those weird chaps who thinks his parents are his best friends. Despite popping my cherry with Nintendo's phenomenal handheld and going on to get most popular consoles, PC gaming is what gets my juices flowing the most. Many of the genres I enjoy the most don't get much love (or plain don't work) on consoles.

Adventure games probably pushed me over the edge. Before I knew of the wonders of Lucasarts I was content to play platformers and not much else. I liked gaming, but we were stuck in the friend-zone. When my parents finally got a PC, which took some persuading, I assure you, I got my grubby little mitts on the first two Monkey Island games and they swallowed me up. A lot of the humour went over my tiny little head and I have no idea how I dealt with some of the more challenging puzzles without the aid of the internet, so I can only assume I was actually a kleptomaniac and was enthralled by the opportunity to pick up lots of crap that didn't belong to me.

I can happily spend an entire day playing a grand strategy/4X game. Honestly, they make my balls tingle more than electrocution. Civ II was my first ever reason for pulling a sicky/skiving school (or whatever your favoured colloquialism is) and I once turned down sex from a lovely, vomit covered young lady, just to play Gal Civ II. I would say I wasn't proud of those moments, but that would be a bold faced lie.

Away with you, woman! I have planets to destroy!

My addiction to 4X games is balanced out by my equally strong addiction to RPGs. I know that there are some folk who bemoan the state of the modern RPG scene, but I genuinely believe that we've never had it so good. Sure, a lot of the practical criticisms levelled at big devs like Bioware and Lionhead by RPG purists are completely valid. A lot of AAA RPGs are incredibly stripped down, but they still appeal to a huge demographic and it's not like their popularity has stopped other devs from creating cracking classic additions to the genre. Avadon: The Black Fortress immediately springs to mind.

Now you know more about me than you could possibly give a shit about, so let's move on to the inappropriate touching. By the way, I like it when people stroke my beard.
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About Fraser Brownone of us since 2:44 PM on 07.16.2010

Fraser Brown is that bearded, bespectacled Scotsman that covers PC gaming who is not Alasdair Duncan.

Got a splinter stuck in his hand nineteen years ago and just left it in there. True story.

He lives with this thorny burden in Edinburgh, Scotland, drinking a lot of whisky and playing a lot of video games to soothe the pain.

He has sexual feelings for strategy games, adventure games, and has been known to dabble in the murky world of MMOs.