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That which can not stop.

As the dawn breaks over this majestic land and the birds sing their songs of a new day, the pot of coffee I had programmed for seven actually would work if I didn't actually dream I did that. But I'am awake, alive to fight another day and a...


My not so quick issue's.

So let me start by saying, "Hello welcome." I'm very new to the DTOID community I'm excited that now I have a real place to go to talk about video games with people who share my interest in a setting that I very much like. Its really hard t...


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Hello there, how are you? I saw you from a far, I don't mean to rush this but you were meant to read this profile the second we caught eyes. So let me lay all out for you. I live in the great state of California (East Bay), I'm currently 23 years old, live at home with family & work for a warehouse that sells home supplies... I've played video games since I was 5 starting with Super Mario Bros on my sisters Super Nintendo, some years later my parents surprised us with a Play Station. One of my favorite consoles till this day, my favorite all time game for this beloved system of mine was Project OverKill. Following games I loved playing: Grindhouse, Metal Gear Solid, & Syphon Filter. By the time I was going in the 8th grade I was given a PS2 & enjoyed awesome games like GTA3, Monster Hunter, & SOCOM. Took a hiatus from gaming for a few years & received an Xbox in 2005 (yes when the 360 came out) & I was able to play hours of Elder Scrolls 3:Morrowind. Thats pretty much the only game i played.