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Is Mario really fantastic or is it just nostalgia?

A few days ago,I was reading Jim Sterling's infamous review for Mario Kart 7 and while I won't say anything about the score he gave it(since I haven't played Mario Kart 7),something he said towards the end of the review made me think.Specifically,this quote:''Mario Kart 7 is as derivative as a game can get, and while we pour scorn on so many other games for rehashing themselves, something tells me this will get a free pass from many critics and gamers.''

That last line about Mario getting a free pass has been making me wonder whether or not Mario is as great as everyone says he is or if everyone just has so much nostalgia for the franchise that it makes them ignore any mistakes Mario's made?

To make a comparison that's as old as time,let me bring in Mario's ''rival'' Sonic for a few minutes.Whenever Sonic makes a mistake,let's say Sonic 06,people will harp on it for all eternity(this is the internet after all).But when Mario makes a mistake,like all those educational games,people just ignore it and move on.Am I the only one who thinks that's a little messed up?

Now maybe the Mario fanbase is more sensible than the Sonic fanbase(at least in terms of the amount of people that complain at the drop of a hat in both fanbases) but it just seems to be a little confusing.

There's also the fact that most people forgive Mario whenever he gets lazy and just repeats himself.The entire universe loves Super Mario Galaxy 2 even though it seems to be the exact same as the first game,at least from what I've heard.And yet,the entire universe harps on games like Dynasty Warriors for being the exact same for 10 years.Great logic,isn't it?!

Or if you want the perfect example of laziness,look no further than his 25th anniversary celebration:Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii,which is a SNES game from 20 years ago put onto the Wii for 30$ and it sells like hot cakes and has insanely positive reviews,for the most part.I wouldn't mind it so much if Nintendo put in more games from the SNES and N64 or hell,just had the version with Super Mario World in it(later versions had Mario World included).

The point I'm trying to make here(even if I don't explain it very well) is that Mario seems to be forgiven by the general public for screwing up and I'd like to know why that is.

So I want you guys to tell me flat-out:is Mario really as great as everyone declares him to be? Does everyone just have nostalgia goggles and forgive him for everything he does? Or is it something else?

Lord if I know,but at least you can agree with me on one thing;Mario 64 DS had a bloody awful camera.
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