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Hideo Kojima, if you want to stop doing Metal Gear Solid, then stop doing it!


Only a few short days ago, to the excitement of millions of gamers, Hideo Kojima finally announced Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (yay, semi-pretentious names!) for the PS3 and 360. The previously announced Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain projects were announced to be part of the same game and now, everyone's anticipating the release of what will probably be a great old stealth game with tons of cutscenes and sh...I can't keep going with this.

I'll get straight to the point on this one; I'm tired of Mr Kojima working on Metal Gear. I'm sorry if this annoys you but I'm tired of seeing this one guy being forced in some manner to work on a series that he's clearly tired of. I don't know if it's the fans that pressure him, if it's Konami or if Kojima himself has that kind of OCD where he has to keep telling stories even when no-one wants them, along the lines of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, but I just want the man to go by his word; if you want to stop doing Metal Gear, Kojima, then stop f*$%ing doing it!

While I'm not a fan of the Metal Gear series in any manner, I am interested in it enough to care about what goes on around in making these games, and particularly the creative and insane mind of Kojima. The point is, I want to see the man work on other projects that aren't Metal Gear; sure, maybe things'll go wrong if he's not at the helm but at least he wouldn't have to keep working on a series that he's more than likely burnt out on.

Try put yourself in his shoes for even a minute; imagine working on the same franchise for over 25 years and not being able to work on anything else for one reason or another. How tired and sick of that franchise would you be by now if you had to go through all that? And as Jim Sterling once pointed out in an article on GameFront, Guns of the Patriots was a near-perfect analogy of how Kojima was feeling at that time.

A man weary and tired of the same work he's been doing for so long and just wants to end it all. While the aforementioned article put it a lot better than what I just said, it's the same point that Kojima wants to stop doing Metal Gear, especially since Guns of the Patriots is widely considered to be the fitting end to Metal Gear, and as such could be a fitting end to Kojima's tenure.

However, that's not the case as he once again plans to basically make MGS5 all by himself and while the game itself may be good, what it stands for and why it's even being made after the conclusion in Guns of the Patriots just feels...wrong. Hopefully, this'll be the very last MGS-related thing Kojima supervises and finally, he'll be able to let this whole thing go once and for all.

If Snake can finally live out the rest of his days in peace after all he's done, surely Kojima should be able to do the same...right?
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