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Defending Silent Hill: Book of Memories


Among the many things in the world that annoy me,one of the more......let's say vocal frustrations has to be the massive amounts of internet rage that any new game receives from angry fanboys pre-release.Seriously,it's like a yearly ritual nowadays for a random game to be screwed over by a very,very vocal minority of whiny,petulant fanboys that don't have their priorities straight before it even comes out.

In 2008,we had the double team of Diablo 3/Fallout 3;the former for having a slightly brighter colour palette and the latter for not playing like the first 2 games.In 2009,there was Left 4 Dead 2,which apparently was announced way too soon instead of waiting an eternity for it.In 2010,we got Sonic the Hedgehog 4,a game that everyone demanded mind you,and yet people were complaining about everything from the physics to the fact that Sonic had green eyes.

Then last year,we had Skylanders:Spyro's Adventure,which every Spyro fan under the sun seemed to get pissed off at for a billion reasons from Spyro's ''goblin-like'' redesign to the admittily awesome gimmick of putting toys on a Power Pad to play as certain characters.Of course,after the games are released,everyone forgets about them until another game takes up the mantle.

And this year,that honor goes to Silent Hill:Book of Memories,the latest installment in the much-loved Silent Hill survival horror franchise by Konami.For those who don't know what Book of Memories is,it's an isometric dungeon crawler headed for the PS Vita and is being developed by the much-loved WayForward Technologies and since it's announcement,it's become the most bitched about game on the interwebs for various reasons,the biggest of all being that it isn't like Silent Hill.

Don't believe me? Look up any trailer of Book of Memories on YouTube and look how many dislikes there are compared to dislikes and the huge number of comments damning the game.Seriously,there's even a Facebook group known as ''Cancel Book of Memories'',which is completely amateurish since it's logo.Seriously,who tries to look professional in MS Paint? (Come to think of it,I do)

And since I hate it when something is hated so much that's it's barely given a chance,I've decided to once again defend this game from the stupidity of internet fanboy rage,even though I'm not a Silent Hill fan.Firstly,there's the very obvious fact that the game isn't out yet.You can't just watch a couple of trailers and confirm that the game is shit.Gaming is an interactive medium,not a visual medium like movies or books;you have to actually play the game before you can yell at it.

Secondly,it's a spin-off;Konami doesn't have to make the exact same game every single time and you know,I think it's refreshing that they're trying something different instead of re-hashing Silent Hill 2 again like with their last few games.Some of you will acknowledge this but feel that Book of Memories doesn't have the spirit of the main games.Once again,you've seen just trailers and screenshots;wait 'till you've played the game before you accuse it of being unfaithful.In fact,the developers have stated in an interview that they're trying as hard as they possibly can to make the game faithful to the main series and to include themes from the much-loved original trilogy so don't be so quick to judge their intentions just because you've seen gameplay footage.

And thirdly,just because you don't like the look of the game doesn't mean that other people feel the same.There are people who are genuinely looking forward to the game because it looks good and trying to cancel the game because it's not the same as before is so utterly childish that it comes off as something that feels surreal.Seriously,if you don't like the game then don't pay attention to it.If other people like it then pay no attention to them and just play the Silent Hill games you like instead of getting pissed off over something you have utterly no obligation to get involved with!

Plus,there's the fact that Konami really has nothing to lose at this point.The reputation of the series has been all but tarnished due to the negative reception of recent entries and the massive pile of incompetance that was the HD Collection,where Konami gave unfinished code to the people porting the games,forcing them with bugs that were dealt with years ago as well as the bugs that came about in the port.After all they've done,what possible harm could be done in trying something different?

However,the issue that annoys me the most is the complete,utter,blantant hypocrisy of the gaming community when it comes to the issue of change and something new.Day in,day out,we hear about gamers constantly whinging about games like Call of Duty or New Super Mario Bros for being the exact same with each new game and shouting at publishers for playing it safe but when they try and do something new or different,be it a new,interesting gameplay idea,an all new artistic direction or whatever,something to make it disthinguishible from previous games,they are instantly shat on by the exact same gamers who moan about never changing just because something changed.

To everyone who does this,shame on you for lacking the spine to actually stick by your word just because change affects your own beloved franchises as well as other franchises.I gurantee that most of the people whinging about Book of Memories will buy it the minute it comes out anyway and it'll prove how pathetic this whole situation is.

Am I going to buy the game when it comes out? Well,no since I don't have a PS Vita but from what I've seen it looks like a fun tribute to a much-loved franchise and since WayForward has had a reputation for making high-quality games no matter what they're making,there's a chance that Book of Memories will get quite a fanbase so to all those looking forward to it,I hope you enjoy it.
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