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Bayonetta 2,internet rage and the redundancy of console exclusitivity


Just a couple of days ago,the long-anticipated Bayonetta 2 was announced to be saved from cancellation by Platinum Games and is back in development.Of course,the fandom rejoiced.......until it was revealed the game was a Wii U exclusive.Oh dear.As is the natural order with things these days,a lot of people freaked out and since an article was posted on Destructoid today reporting the negative comments,people are debating about gamer entitlement again.Since I usually go against those who complain about things pre-release,you'd think I'd be telling these complainers to shut up but to tell you the truth,I understand why they're annoyed to begin with.

Let me start off by saying that I freaking love Bayonetta;it's a damn good action game,the homages to old SEGA games are brilliant and it introduced me to the greatest song in the world (I'm probably the only anime fan on the interwebs who was introduced to 'Fly me to the Moon' by methods other than Neon Genesis Evangelion).So,when the sequel was announced,I was glad as all hell but when I saw the exclusive banner,I just ended up annoyed.

The reason for this isn't because I hate Nintendo (as theorized by many people as of late) but really because a large portion of the fanbase,me included, is forced to miss out on the sequel until they go out and buy a new console that they have no interest in and then the game possibly goes multi-format some time later.

The best example I can think of in this case is Tales of Vesperia,particularly in Japan.The game was originally a 360 exclusive,forcing many Tales fans in Japan to buy a console they had no interested in to get a game they wanted to play.A year later,the game was put on the PS3 and many fans got pissed by the dickery involved in this.I can imagine the same thing happening to Bayonetta 2 should the game get ported over to the 360 and PS3 eventually,thus pulling off a dick move on fans worse than the original's QTEs.

Let me explain why I'm really annoyed at this.I'm generally not interested in the Wii U.Will it be a good console? Well,probably since the new ideas look good and Nintendo have a reputation for making good games.However,there have been several games announced for the Wii U that are exclusive even though they could work on other consoles.Not the first-party games but thrid-party titles like Rayman Legends,LEGO City Undercover and more that aren't available on other consoles.

It's annoying as these games are exclusives on a new console that costs between $300 and $400 and no-one knows if the console's going to be successful,meaning the publisher might lose out sales-wise (why UbiSoft is doing this to Legends after Origins' multi-format 50,000 sales altogether is particularly baffling) and people who can't afford a new console are missing out on good games.It doesn't matter to me which console the game's on;if it's exclusive,it's just frustrating to fans who don't have every console known to man.

Bayonetta 2 was simply the last straw for me and while I don't disown the game or Platinum Games,I do think that the idea of console exclusitivity is incredibly redundant in this current financial climate.And I think that this may have been the big reason why there was such a mass freak-out from Bayonetta fans as they felt the same way about all these good-looking exclusives and this was the final,very last straw for a lot of them.

That's not to say that there aren't a few people over-reacting by disowning the game or hating it because it's on a Nintendo;there are.However,I think most of this just comes out of frustration with a buggered system that requires people to buy every console to buy games that could easily be ported over to other consoles.

[For those of you who will mention the Wii U's Gamepad features make it impossible to port games,the console also has a Pro Controller,which is essentially a Nintendo-developed Xbox 360 controller;they even said as much a while back]

Am I still interested in Bayonetta 2? Definitely and I wish it and Platinum Games the best of luck when it comes out.Still,I wish I could play it on a console that I already had along with every other Bayonetta fan not rich enough to get an extra console and can understand the rage of those who feel let down by the pointless nonsense that is console exclusitivity.To those that are getting a Wii U,I hope you enjoy the hell out of it and tell me how things turn out.

Now to listen to every version of Fly Me to the Moon for the rest of the afternoon!
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