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Stop talking, Start Doing.

Stop Talking, Start Doing.

This is the new slogan of Nazi computer company, IBM. Now, in theory that sounds like a good idea, to stop yammering away all day and actually get something done, but upon watching IBM's commercials that center around this catchphrase, I realize that what they're really trying to say is, "You'll never get anywhere doing what you like, so quit that shit and get a real job."

Here's one of the commercials, and the one I'm most concerned with, seeing as how it insults video games.

Since when has IBM decided the reason why innovation should happen? Do those presumptuous asshats really think that the World and everyone's actions in it should revolve around money? Because I thought you do what you do in life for many different and varied reasons, not just because you want to make the most money you can.

Where would games be if everything everyone did was centered towards money? In my opinion, if this were true, then video games wouldn't exist. That is to say, that if Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann would've been only trying to be as efficient as possible in their work, then they might've never hacked that cathode ray tube, to make one of the first, although primitive, video games. Sure they might've come along later, but who knows where they'd be at now.

So in conclusion, fuck you IBM, I'll do what I want.

Also, 1st C-blog, in before flames.
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